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FTS: Generation Zero Announces New Skyfire Update, Launching June 25 on PC, PlayStation & Xbox

The stealth-action game’s next free update adds new endgame boss, the ability to repair Companions on the go, and the new Meusser Hunting Rifle

STOCKHOLM – June 11, 2024 – Systemic Reaction is excited to reveal the free Skyfire Update for Generation Zero, the open-world stealth-action shooter. Launching on June 25 for Steam, PlayStation and Xbox, this newest content drop will introduce The Vulture - a brutal new endgame enemy machine - as well as a bonus weapon and Companion Armor Kits, a new feature that gives players the ability to repair their Companions while exploring or in combat.

Skyfire Features:

  • New Endgame Boss: Face off against the terrifying Vulture, a new Tyrant class enemy in the form of an evolved Firebird. Arm yourself with your best equipment and rally your allies to defeat this menacing new foe.
  • Companion Armor Field Repair: Companion Armor Kits can soon be equipped into your weapon wheel and thrown onto Companions. This new feature allows players to repair or re-kit their Companions on the go, increasing the Companion’s versatility and the length of excursions without needing to return to a safehouse.
  • New Weapon & Augmentations: The new Meusser Hunting Rifle fires a chemical laser beam that can set the ground around the player on fire. New weapon augmentations will also be added that require defeating Tyrants to unlock.
  • Revamped Tyrant Spawning System & More: Players can now discover Tyrant locations after defeating Rival machines, gathering Coordinate Keys, and entering them into Tyrant Terminals located in base assault bases. Tyrant progression will also be updated, along with fixes to machine detection.

Generation Zero is a stealth-action shooter that puts players on the front line of an alternate history war against the machines. Explore a vast open world map inspired by the Swedish-era Cold War and take part in the resistance alone or with up to three friends in seamless co-op. Including the upcoming Skyfire update, Generation Zero has received 32 major updates and two substantial story expansions since its launch in 2019. With a growing community of over six million players and more new content on the way, there’s never been a better time to join the resistance! 

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FTS: It’s Time to Shine Light on Shadow of the Ninja Reborn: Release Date Confirmed for August 29!

It’s Time to Shine Light on Shadow of the Ninja Reborn:

Release Date Confirmed for August 29!

Choose your favorite platform… because we’ve got ‘em all covered!

Berlin, 06 June 2024 - It’s official – Shadow of the Ninja Reborn slashes its way onto all consoles for its global release on August 29, 2024!

Grab the digital versions of this highly anticipated remake for 19,99€ on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Steam! Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 will get physical versions for 29,99€, while Limited and Collector’s Editions can be pre-ordered at Strictly Limited Games.

Two heroes emerge from the shadows… with one goal in mind: Take down Emperor Garuda and save the world. After 
33 years, experience a revamped 16-bit style, an improved combat system, a BRAND-NEW additional level, and an epic soundtrack by, the one and only, Iku Mizutani!

But Wait, That’s Not All!

Players can soon get a sneak peek into the thrilling gameplay of Shadow of the Ninja Reborn with the release of our official playable demo! Keep an eye out on our website and social media channels for updates on the release date of the demo.

Regarded as one of the best two-player co-op games for the Nintendo Family Computer (NES) in the early 90s, Shadow of the Ninja (also known as Blue Shadow in Europe and Australia) propelled NatsumeAtari and TENGO PROJECT into becoming one of action gaming’s greats. From the original makers of recent hits, Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors and Pocky and Rocky Reshrined, Tengo Project delivers this stunning remake for a legendary NES title.

image placeholder

Check out the features of this exciting release:

  • An Arsenal of Deadly Weapons: Caltrops, shuriken, and more! Departing from the NES original, Hayate and Kaede will have an expanded variety of weaponry!

  • Jungle of Concrete and Steel: 5 completely recreated stages featuring devious traps and challenging platform puzzles. Plus, a 6th entirely new stage!

  • Two Ninjas are Better Than One: Grab a friend and get ready for the critically acclaimed couch co-op!

  • A Fresh New Look: Beautiful modern in-game sprite art as a faithful update to the 8-bit original!

  • Bringin’ It Back to the 90’s: Feast your eyes on the key visuals and characters illustrated by Dynamic Productions, the same remarkable illustrators of the original 90’s title!

A Star-Studded, Rockin’ Soundtrack: Play along with the legendary Hiroyuki  Iwatsuki and Iku Mizutani’s electrifying guitar riffs and fast-paced retro melodies.

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FTS: CRITICAL REFLEX to Publish Mouthwashing, Wrong Organ’s Story-Driven Psychological Horror Game

Join the doomed crew of a deep-space freighter with the game’s free Steam demo, available now

NICOSIA, Cyprus – May 22, 2024 – Publisher CRITICAL REFLEX has announced a new partnership with indie developer Wrong Organ (How Fish is Made) to release the first-person, story-driven psychological horror game Mouthwashing on PC. The game’s first chilling demo was released as part of Steam Next Fest earlier this year and is available to play now on Steam.

When Pony Express’s interplanetary freighter Tulpar goes off course, its five crew members find themselves stranded with a diminishing supply of resources. As they face the threat of starvation and endure crippling isolation, the crew must fight back paranoia and hallucinations as they come to realize the question is not whether they will survive, but when they will perish… and who will be responsible.

Key Features

  • Inescapable Isolation: Explore claustrophobic corridors as time closes in on you.
  • Immersive Storytelling: Every detail tells a story. A keen eye is key.
  • An Unfolding Narrative: Uncover the truth about your captain, your crew, and your cargo.
  • Descend into Madness: Question everything, trust nothing. Not even your own mind.
  • Unforgiving Brutality: Hope to die, or for goodness sake, pray that everyone else did.

Mouthwashing joins a spine-tingling lineup of indie horror games under the CR Channel publishing label, which CRITICAL REFLEX announced last year. The collection includes Mike Klubnika’s viral hit Buckshot Roulette, free found-footage horror game TELEFORUM, and three upcoming titles: horror-sim Regular Home Renovation Simulator, horror fishing adventure Drowned Lake, and surreal hand-painted adventure Flawless Abbey.

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