Are you ready for more Sony live-action adaptations of popular video games?

With Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO Tony Vinciquerra saying that the company's music and PlayStation IPs present the "greatest opportunity" for more streaming content distribution, it is clear why they are investing heavily into this area of entertainment.

Recently, Sony Pictures Entertainment announced that they are developing God of War and Horizon: Zero Dawn for television while Gran Turismo is heading to feature film.

God of War will be streaming on Amazon, while Netflix has gained the rights to stream Horizon.

Based on the interest, Sony appears to be striking while the iron is hot to expand its media offerings with more movies and TV shows.

The entertainment firm announced a new TV series or film for every PlayStation franchise since 2020, including Twisted Metal and Ghost of Tsushima, Jak and Daxter, and The Last of Us. They also have plans to make more in the future!

CEO Tony Vinciquerra has outlined the company's media strategy, which he says will be focused on its IPs from music and PlayStation brands. He argued that these properties present "the greatest opportunity" for finding ways to meet streaming demands with content distribution options.

The highly anticipated live-action film adaptation of the Uncharted franchise was released in February this year.