Bungie Awarded $13.5 Million in Lawsuit Against Cheat Maker Team

The cheat creator, Elite Boss Tech has admitted to incorporating its own overlay into Bungie’s Destiny 2's copyrighted work.

Bungie sued the cheat creator Elite Boss Tech for copyright infringement and the latter lost and have to pay $13.5 million in damages!

The Elite Boss Tech was found guilty of creating cheat software that adds an unauthorized "graphical overlay" in-game which injects third-party code into Bungie’s copyrighted material, resulting to be considered an unlicensed derivative work.

Additionally, the Elite Boss Tech admitted to willful infringement and how their software violates the anti-circumvention of DMCA constructed by Bungie. The software that the Elite Boss Tech created has been downloaded 6,765 times at a cost of $2,000 per download.

The Elite Boss Tech has been ordered not only to pay up but they are also prevented to create and/or distribute any software that could violate Bungie’s rights or the parents, subsidiaries, or affiliates’ rights!

The company also cannot abuse its power and reverse engineer any games owned or published by Bungie.

The legal battle between Destiny 2 developer Bungie and cheat makers began in August of 2021 when they filed a lawsuit against Elite Boss Tech for copyright infringement.

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