Valve ramps up Steam Deck production: Your wait could be over

Don't get taken to the cleaners, Steam is doubling up on Steam Deck shipments! According to Steam maker Valve wants to get out more than double the number of units on a weekly basis. Is this a sign that Valve has found a new route to cover their parts shortage? It's possible, so take this information and avoid being used by someone trying to jack up the price.

Say no to... price gougers.

I don't want to knock someone's hustle, but... there are literally open box units being sold for $1125.00. It's not even the 512GB model. I've even seen unopened options for $1500.00... which is nearly trip the price. Like... come on, keep your money in your pocket unless you come across a unit that makes sense and you're willing to buy from someone who isn't Valve or a reputable third-party reseller.

There are some people who kept things a bit more reasonable by selling units in a similar price range to the going price on the site. This technically defeats the purpose of reselling (unless they just don't want the device), but these are the only ones I'd entertain... if I ever went that route.

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