I don't buy the apology... 343 Industries!

This is the problem when you create Federal holidays for certain things, companies try to commercialize them... and things like this also happen (racism is still a problem in the industry). 343 apologizes after naming a Juneteenth nameplate palette... bonobo (which is an ape). 

I look at the apology like this... so Halo Infinite, which is space-based... happens to find a small spot to apply "Bonobo" for something related directly to Juneteenth after all this time of never slipping up with a file name? If it smells like crap, it has to be crap. I suspect that someone had it named that way and either planned to let it be released under "Bonobo" or they forgot to change the name while enjoying some undercover racism.

Before I move forward, I have to give credit where credit is due. Smissmass from Reddit caught this before they made the name change. I'd prefer for them to remove the Juneteenth nameplate palette from the game completely anyway, and I also think that the person responsible needs to be punished accordingly. Juneteenth isn't a game.

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