PlayStation PC Games incoming!

Sony is changing its business strategy for PlayStation by focusing on releasing quality first-party narrative games and improving its PlayStation Now service.

However, PS Now on PC had some drawbacks, including the use of a PS4 controller and inferior streaming quality.

Sony is planning to develop more "live service" games to supplement their first-party narrative games. Sony plans to release 10 new games for their live service by Spring 2026, with the majority of them being PC games.

Sony expects to make $415 million in PC game sales in the next 3 years. This would have been possible if the games were exclusive to PlayStation consoles.

Take note that games that are best categorized as "catalog" bring in nearly half a billion dollars in revenue. Sony plans to release Spider-Man (a Sept. 2018 game) and Spider-Man Miles Morales (Nov. 2020) on PC to generate $300 million in revenue.

With a prebuilt audience and the ability to tap into an already established market, Sony will be able to increase revenue by expanding its focus on PC.

More gamers are starting to wonder if exclusive day one PlayStation games will eventually make their way over to the PC, eliminating console exclusivity and shifting gaming culture as we know it. It's no secret that Sony keeps its hands both in PC and console gaming. It needs to keep up with the competition, but at least one thing is for sure – if the revenue grows, so will the profit.

Their strategy so far has been to release catalog first-party games on PC, finding new and secondary markets without alienating day one buyers who would have bought the game console version.

The only thing holding PC gamers back is that it's up to Sony whether or not they make any first-party games available for PC. Sony announced in their last investor presentation that one-third of their first-party titles will be available on PC by 2025. Now, the million-dollar question that most gamers have is which ones?

If you want PlayStation Plus on PC, get it now (you will need Win 8 or Win 10).
You will need PlayStation Plus Premium for cloud streaming.

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