PC Gaming Show 2022 + Workspace Suggestions!


I thought it would be cool to drop a little segment in the spirit of the PC Gaming Show 2022 to focus on wireless tech + peripherals for those of you who like to move freely around your office or studio. I know that some of you enjoy your keyboards & mice, while others... just have keyboards & mice that aren't as... eye-catching. You don't need these things, but... having a picture-worthy setup doesn't hurt either, and believe it or not, it's well within reach for quite a few PC owners.

There are people like... fashion designers who need a wireless keyboard setup because... remaining in one place doesn't allow for as much productivity. Measurements have to be taken, the tablet is used almost as often and you can do without the keyboard & mouse wires.

If you have a white desk or a work table that you utilize as a desktop as well, a keyboard & mouse of the same color doesn't hurt if you like to coordinate. Duo's like the Lenovo 510 Wireless Combo come to mind. They're clean, and only require one USB port to control both peripherals.

I definitely have to add audio to the mix, because... audio is definitely a huge part of my life + the lives of so many of you.

The option to cut the cord is nothing new... although some of you prefer cords because of the sound quality, but... there are options that deliver just as well without the cord.

The 1More EVO Earbuds deliver HiFi Sound, have 6 mics, 28hours of playtime, and the quality sound is undeniable (I actually have some on right now). To stick with the color theme, you can get these headphones in white (with gold trim). You can go into the office and not only have these headphones connected to your phone, but they can also connect to your computer's Bluetooth without skipping a beat (you don't have to disconnect your phone, both can be connected).

To maintain the theme of an all-white desk space, definitely grab a white qi wireless charger. There are definitely lower-priced wireless headphones out there like the Philips T1207's that are said to have an 18-hour playtime + IPX4 water resistance. They might not have all the bells and whistles, but... (ay) they're less than $40. If you have the money to spring for some speakers... there are some solid bluetooth bookshelf speakers out there like the Audioengine A2+.

If you're going to get a new mouse, might as well get a new mouse pad... especially for an all-white setup. I could warn against a white mousepad because it could get dirty quick... but the same can be said about a white mouse & keyboard (but there is a keyboard and mouse setup here that have gone without issue. I wouldn't go jumping on them after eating some Cheetos, but... yeah... no issues here.

Gotta have a game controller on deck... so definitely grab a white wireless Xbox controller + a stand... or a drawer to keep it out of the way when you aren't gaming to your heart's content.

Another thing that makes sense... is a white office chair, but... out of the options at the link, I don't have any recommendations (preferences vary). I do recommend getting the best chair that works for you, and if you're on the taller or larger side... keep the weight limit in mind. There are larger chairs with increased weight limits, but even with that... some only go up so high, so I'd recommend replacing the office chair cylinder lift. This could actually save you a crap load of money if you need a chair with an increased weight limit and/or height. If you wonder why your chair goes down after you've adjusted it... this is the reason and it shouldn't take much to replace it versus throwing a perfectly good chair out.

By the way, if you are constantly moving around and find yourself moving your office chair from your desk to the work tables, I do recommend getting a stool on wheels. Some have backs on them, some have a saddle design, but either way... I recommend one without a back on it if you aren't going to put it to use and don't plan to utilize it as a desk chair as well. You can just sit regardless of its position and get your grind on.

Going back to drawing tablets, Xencelabs newest edition is their white medium pen tablet bundle. The working space is grey, but... there could be a reason behind it (especially when you consider the constant stroking of the stylus). We also had the pleasure of reviewing this bundle... which got a 5 out of 5 for being a damn good entry for the company in this competitive space.

Check out our full review... here.

They're veterans in the industry who stepped away from well-known brands like Wacom to create their company. I wasn't a fan of tablets without screens until I used this one... the way the tablet is structured works well for drawing and doesn't have that annoying wrist drop-off. We have other tablets without screens, but they're just annoying to me, so this was a pleasant surprise. I use this tablet just as much as I do the Wacom Cintiq, and the price is right. If you prefer a screened drawing tablet... definitely consider a Wacom, and to maintain the white theme (to an extent)... you may want to go with the more affordable Wacom One that connects to your PC, Mac, and... (certain) Android devices.

At the end of the day... you don't have to have all-white everything or... all-white anything, but if you're in the mood to switch it up, explore your options and consider what works best for you. There is definitely a ton of motivation out there but always try and aim towards your needs first... and then consider the wants afterward.

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