Xencelabs Pen Tablet (Medium)... Reviewed!

Before we jump in, I would like to thank the team over at Xencelabs Technologies for supplying a tablet for this review. As always... my opinions are my own. When this package arrived from Xencelabs, I was both curious + excited so... before we jump in I want to share the unboxing action with you, enjoy!

Now that you've seen the unboxing... let's get into the review.

So here you have the Xencelabs Pen Tablet, and this is the medium one... which is the first on the market (congrats to the team for making it this far). As far as releasing this size first, it makes... Xence as the most commonly used pen tablet size. Rather than just create the next cheap generic tablet that's not a Wacom, Xencelabs stepped it up for the purpose of making a professional drawing tablet... with professional quality and value wrapped into one.

Build: As far as the body of this tablet goes, you have a nice metal underbelly with a durable plastic surface.

I literally had to feel this thing numerous times just to make sure that the top and the underbelly were different materials... and the pen tablet's case utilizes the same durable plastic. It's heavy and could definitely double as personal security if needed. I'm just kidding, or... am I?

Seriously though, I really like the quality put into this case... because it's not exactly the main product and didn't have to be included at all.

Going back to the tablet, the body has rubber feet on the underbelly for desktop drawing, and these areas to the side of the underbelly for you to hold during wireless drawing (thank you for that). I probably would've added some pen grip material to this area... to ensure that the tablet doesn't slip. It hasn't slipped out of my hands yet, but that would increase the chance of it not slipping (x 2).

The buttons of the tablet are also located in an area that just makes Xence in the north location of the surface. You don't have to worry about your grip on the tablet activating a shortcut or something. You have to intentionally press a button... which is just around the corner from the power button located on the top (which is next door to the USB-C port and down the hall from the Kensington lock port).

One thing I appreciate about this tablet is that it doesn't have that... drop-off near the bottom of the tablet which allows you to be able to flow without a potential bump affecting your artwork.

As far as the pens go, the build quality feels as good as my Wacom pen... just to give you an idea of feel. This isn't a plus or a minus but the Xencelabs Pens (6.25") are shorter in size when compared side by side to my Wacom Cintiq pen (just shy of 7").

The thin pen gives you the standard feel of your everyday pen, except... it's digital, and the 3 button pen gives you that pro digital pen feel with one noticeable difference when compared to my Wacom pen. 

These digital pens have grip that extend further, which allow you to hold them as close to the nib as possible... if you fancy drawing that way. 

The 3-button pen's grip is up to a comfortable degree to where you're gripping beyond the thick of it, and the thin pen's grip literally runs all the way down to the nib. Love it.

The erasers aren't stuck out further than necessary either, which prevents them from loosening over time as quickly as other digital pens I've used (even the Wacom pen I currently have). 

The buttons are nice and clicky too, not to a degree where you have to manhandle them to get a response, but you will know that you've clicked them.

The pens are just as important as the tablet, so I appreciate the quality build of both pens, the case that protects them, and the tablet.

Before getting to the extras, I want to highlight one more thing about the case. 

Outside of housing the pens... which gives you access to them anytime you want to switch up, the case also houses the nibs + nib replacer + USB-C adapter + wireless dongle. I know this is the "Duh of the day", but this is great for portability... keeps everything in one place for immediate access.

Functionality: When it comes to functionality, you're able to use the Xencelabs Pen Tablet in both wired and wireless modes. I will personally try to avoid drawing with it in wired mode for the most part and reserve the cord for charging purposes only, but having the option is great for artists in a time crunch. Wireless is a beautiful thing so that you can... break free from the restrictions of the cord. You can draw from a distance when needed, possibly on a larger display for your team (i.e. socially distancing at this time + a group meeting where you may be fleshing something out or explaining something).

By the way, this tablet's drawing surface serves up a native 16:9 aspect ratio for your drawing pleasure.

Also, you may not feel like leaning on a desk or sitting in a certain position, you want to kick back in your favorite chair a draw without the old... cord yank reminding you to reel it back in.

The pen tablet also includes 3 programmable buttons, the Thin Pen also includes the same number of programmable buttons, while the 3 button pen includes... 4 (didn't see that one coming did ya?). Here's a small vid showcasing the Tablet + Pen UI:

There is also protection for your investment by way of the Kensington Lock Port. Feel free to take a look at the Kensington Cable Lock to see how durable it is as far as securing your device from... sticky fingers.

As far as the pens go, you have pressure levels of 8192 for both pens and a + 60-degree tilt range... which are professional grades just like other pro drawing tablets. The remaining two sections will further highlight why this is a better buy.

This is my drawing from the live preview seen in the recap below. Just FYI, I'm not big on using drawing tablets without a screen... but this one is easily the best product I've used thus far. I look forward to tightening my skills with it. I thought of doing something extra with this outside of the live preview but... I wanted to stick with everything seen in the live preview so you can confirm that this actual tablet was used.

Extras: Check out this recap of the live preview!

As seen in the live preview... you not only get the obvious tablet and pen, but you get two drawing pens of different sizes. Come on son! Who does that? Xencelabs does that. I'm not trying to fanboy it up... but seriously the option to have both sizes are great and they threw it in at no additional charge.

That comes with the standard Pen Tablet from the company + a smudge protector so that the gunk doesn't build up on your tablet as easily. If you aren't familiar with these types of gloves, they really come in handy... not only from gunk but also it increases the smoothness of your glide.

The Pen Tablet Medium bundle includes everything above in addition to a tablet sleeve with a really soft interior that protects the device. The sleeve also has an additional section for your cord with two pockets for your pen case + the Xencelabs Quick Keys. By the way, the quick keys remote is included in the bundle. Stay tuned for a review of the remote, but for now, I will focus on the package I received.

Price: Pricewise the Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium comes in at $279.99. This is $100 less than the Wacom Intuos Pro - Medium ($99.95 less if you want to be technical), and it comes with more. This isn't to sway your buying decision, but with a new product on the market like this pro tablet... I hope it helps you make a more informed decision.

Build 5

Functionality 5

Extra 5

Price 5

5 out of 5 Cool Points

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