Victor and Valentino: Folk Art Foes... Reviewed!

 Before I jump into this review... shout out to WB for supplying a copy of the DVD for this review.

Story: I wasn't sure what to expect when it came to this show... but it's interesting. Victor and Valentino: Folk Art Foes... is about two half-brothers who are usually at odds about something. Victor is definitely the mischievous one of the pair, while Valentino is more so sunny and kind. The folk art comes into play by way of different mythical encounters they have around the city of Monte Macabre.

Storywise... this show doesn't really have a timeline, it just presents one situation after another. I haven't really been able to identify anything on the lines of progression, but episode 6 did reveal that Vic & Val don't live with their grandmother long term. The boys are only staying with their blind Grandmother Chata, for the summer (who is actually based on the creator's grandmother). I'm not sure if that's going to translate into an endless summer... or the dysfunctional duo going home for a change of pace, but either route could work as long as they keep the action rolling out.

The initial episode included a piece of folk art found among many others in Chata's basement. Victor was actually the one who stumbled across the tomb-like room, and one thing led to another where the mythical monster got out... which forced Vic & Val to put their differences aside in order to take down the antagonist of that particular episode.

Although it was interesting, I'm glad that concept wasn't reused to no end. You have a variety of approaches taken to keep things fresh (and kept me locked in). Speaking of episodes, they're short yet sweet at almost 12 minutes each... which I didn't mind. My only drawback was that some episodes feel like they were wrapped up quicker than they could truly be appreciated.

Speaking of appreciated, it was good to see some situational comedy tucked in there too, even if I can't pinpoint anything memorable... I can't frown on the extra topping. It was like sour cream on my tacos, giving my viewing experience a little extra... something. I would say there was a missed opportunity to really lay in on the comedic value but... it's rated TV-Y7, so it has the right amount of comedy for the target age group (it would be a different story if it were an... Adult Swim joint).

Visuals: Victor and Valentino: Folk Art Foes... has some cool Mexican folk art throughout the show (duh of the day) which really stood out to me when it comes to the baddies. Vic & Val has a pop of fashion that reminds me of designs south of the border, but the duo themselves don't really grab my attention. Victor somewhat does, but he looks like he could be the average bully or the bully's sidekick in another show. I'm not saying he can't look the way he looks... just doesn't grab my attention. Valentino looks even more basic, but I think I've seen so many Cartoon Network-related shows that I've begun to notice a pattern with the art styles of some shows. The reason why I shrug this off... is because the show isn't bad and they are who they are (aka it is what it is).

There was a missed opportunity here though, look at the beautiful concept art. This would've caught my eye a heck of a lot more. I saw this and was like... OMG... WHYYYYYY didn't they stick with this art style?  Valentino could've had brown hair, and Victor could've kept the gap, but just look at this art. It's awesome stuff.

Audio:  In terms of the audio... there was some most appreciated effort there. You can hear it in the build-up of the suspense when the mythical monsters emerge (i.e. The Collector), the mariachi music sounds authentic, and some of the SFX appears to have some effort injected in there also.

Price: Pricewise... Victor and Valentino: Folk Art Foes comes in at $9.99. That's $10 less than what I'd price it. This is definitely priced to sell, and it comes packed with 18 episodes that your kids can appreciate. If you want to give your kids a change of pace by adding some Mexican flare to their media library, this is one to consider.

Story 3

Visuals 3

Audio 5

Price 5

4 out of 5 Cool Points