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FTS: It’s Time to Shine Light on Shadow of the Ninja Reborn: Release Date Confirmed for August 29!

It’s Time to Shine Light on Shadow of the Ninja Reborn:

Release Date Confirmed for August 29!

Choose your favorite platform… because we’ve got ‘em all covered!

Berlin, 06 June 2024 - It’s official – Shadow of the Ninja Reborn slashes its way onto all consoles for its global release on August 29, 2024!

Grab the digital versions of this highly anticipated remake for 19,99€ on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Steam! Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 will get physical versions for 29,99€, while Limited and Collector’s Editions can be pre-ordered at Strictly Limited Games.

Two heroes emerge from the shadows… with one goal in mind: Take down Emperor Garuda and save the world. After 
33 years, experience a revamped 16-bit style, an improved combat system, a BRAND-NEW additional level, and an epic soundtrack by, the one and only, Iku Mizutani!

But Wait, That’s Not All!

Players can soon get a sneak peek into the thrilling gameplay of Shadow of the Ninja Reborn with the release of our official playable demo! Keep an eye out on our website and social media channels for updates on the release date of the demo.

Regarded as one of the best two-player co-op games for the Nintendo Family Computer (NES) in the early 90s, Shadow of the Ninja (also known as Blue Shadow in Europe and Australia) propelled NatsumeAtari and TENGO PROJECT into becoming one of action gaming’s greats. From the original makers of recent hits, Ninja Saviors: Return of the Warriors and Pocky and Rocky Reshrined, Tengo Project delivers this stunning remake for a legendary NES title.

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Check out the features of this exciting release:

  • An Arsenal of Deadly Weapons: Caltrops, shuriken, and more! Departing from the NES original, Hayate and Kaede will have an expanded variety of weaponry!

  • Jungle of Concrete and Steel: 5 completely recreated stages featuring devious traps and challenging platform puzzles. Plus, a 6th entirely new stage!

  • Two Ninjas are Better Than One: Grab a friend and get ready for the critically acclaimed couch co-op!

  • A Fresh New Look: Beautiful modern in-game sprite art as a faithful update to the 8-bit original!

  • Bringin’ It Back to the 90’s: Feast your eyes on the key visuals and characters illustrated by Dynamic Productions, the same remarkable illustrators of the original 90’s title!

A Star-Studded, Rockin’ Soundtrack: Play along with the legendary Hiroyuki  Iwatsuki and Iku Mizutani’s electrifying guitar riffs and fast-paced retro melodies.

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Epic Games takes a $520 Million Dollar L from Fortnite?!

Epic Games has been hit with a staggering $520 million fine by the FTC over its use of in-app purchases in Fortnite and child privacy concerns. The popular game company has been ordered to pay back every penny that it has made from children who have spent money on the game without their parent's permission. That's over half of a billion dollars, but imagine being a parent stuck with a big bill from what has been described as "Illegal Practices". Yikes!

Epic says they've "reached a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). In it, Epic will pay $245 million USD to the FTC to resolve concerns related to past designs of the Fortnite item shop and refund systems in Fortnite, which the FTC will use to distribute to Epic customers at their discretion. Epic will also pay $275 million USD to the FTC to resolve concerns related to children’s privacy in Fortnite".

This is a huge blow to Epic Games, which has made billions of dollars from Fortnite and Fortnite merchandise. The company will now have to be much more careful about how it handles in-app purchases in the future, and it will send a message to other companies that may usher in two-way authentication for more free-to-play games.

Lastly, to end this article on a good note, please hurry over to Epic Games and grab a free game every day until Dec. 25th! These games cover different genres and they've been great options so far.

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Nintendo Of America hit with another labor complaint this year?!

As reported by Axios, this new labor complaint comes just months after a similar complaint was sent to the National Labor Relations Board... stemming from an employee seeking better work conditions. 

I could mention the firm that's also under fire, but... they're working for Nintendo to provide U.S. contractors.

The complaints allege that the companies have "coercive rules", and retaliated in a sneaky way that resulted in a worker either being disciplined or discharged for engaging in protected activities along with others. This may seem like fluff, but Axios explained that these types of complaints generally arise when employers interfere with employees discussing workplace conditions and unionizing.

Nintendo and the firm have yet to reply to requests for comment. I'm sure they're going to remain as silent as possible until they get a game plan in place. I won't say that my issue with Nintendo years back (2nd party development related) confirms that they can't be trusted, but... would I put it past them to do something like this? I wouldn't put it past any company, but they're playing with fire if it's true.

I can't put a stamp on whether it's actually true or not (Nintendo's not going to admit it in my opinion) but... there's a weird same going on here. The prior complaint was brought to light by Kotaku who said the worker was allegedly terminated after inquiring about unionization in a company meeting. Nintendo fired back on that one and said the worker was terminated because they divulged information that was supposed to be confidential. I don't know if this is true or false, but Nintendo has a bigger voice than the worker.

Something happened at that time though, because more of that... weird same came out when current and former contractors at Nintendo began to speak out to media outlets like Axios about infuriating conditions. 2022 isn't the only time this occurred either.

Axios mentioned complaints about... conditions across the industry (my guess is to avoid pointing the finger directly at Nintendo) and said that the complaints were mainly based on excessive hours + negative work conditions + low pay. So there's that, but regarding the current complaints... the NLRB is currently investigating the complaints, and if it's true... I hope this works out well for the dev team members.

Developers, this is certainly something to learn from. If Nintendo is truly doing this to contractors or employees in general, it's messed up. Think about what it could ultimately do to them and any developers considering such. If more contractors/workers get burned (via termination) that could result in a domino effect because more work falls on the remaining team... and some of you know all too well what happens when you're burned-out. The company is nothing without the team.

Warcraft Mobile... Scrapped: 3 Years Down The Drain After Financing Dispute


Warcraft Mobile could have delivered the WoW-like action some gamers have sought on the go, but... the desired terms didn't ultimately match up. I think it's weird though, because wouldn't you agree on such terms ahead of development?

How in the hell do you get 3 years deep into development with more than 100 developers covering objectives for the title before terms are finalized? Once it's set, it's set... is how I think it should be prior to moving forward (that's how I structured agreements between small devs & publishers). They may have put it on the backburner as far as finalizing the agreement, but if Activision Blizzard & NetEase are going to continue their relationship... they may have to take a step back and revise things.

I think a revision would be better than potentially axing such a money maker, but I understand how things can change if the money gets... funny. You already know who Blizzard is, but if you aren't familiar with NetEase... they're China's #2 game company. NetEase is also the co-creator of... Diablo Immortal.

I hope the relationship survives and changes are made for the better because game projects shouldn't go... poof this far in, and sadly this isn't the first time head-turning projects have been tossed.

For more info on this, check out the Bloomberg article, I just had to chime in and give my two cents.

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Pokemon Go developer lays off staff to cut costs: How many studios will have to reduce staff size during this time?

I've mentioned this before... based on the way things are going, but developers are going to feel the heat just like the average joe when it comes to the economy. How they play their cards, determines how good or bad things can go... and support from fans is a huge factor.

Staff weren't the only ones to get cut from Niantic, a Transformers game + another title called... Hamlet, had their plugs pulled as well.

I won't say that working in game development is any more or less stable than any other field, but... it's one of those things you have to keep in mind if you desire to work in the industry (some positions are contract-based). It's not always the economy, it's unit sales, poor decisions in development, and even poor decisions that weren't even related to bugs.

Void Interactive (which isn't connected to Niantic at all)... had their title "Ready or Not" pulled from Steam based on what they said was a suggested trademark infringement, but there was something else that NME reported on first that made me look at the trademark thing with a side-eye.

NME pointed out that a new level featuring a nightclub shooting in the game was likely the reason behind the game being pulled. A nightclub level that involved shooting may have flown under the radar, but NME reported that the developer released the level on the anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shooting that took place here in Orlando, Florida. Major facepalm and I mention this situation because there are situations that you don't have control of... like unit sales (which are based on support), while others are completely avoidable.

I can't say whether Void Interactive knew about Pulse at all, but if it's the reason Ready or Not was delisted from Steam at the time... that doesn't help revenue or keep them further away from layoffs if they have to face the music sooner than later. Developers looking to whether the storm are laying off employees regardless, but for those trying to maintain their team... play it safe and avoid as many unnecessary L's as possible.

Valve ramps up Steam Deck production: Your wait could be over

Don't get taken to the cleaners, Steam is doubling up on Steam Deck shipments! According to Steam maker Valve wants to get out more than double the number of units on a weekly basis. Is this a sign that Valve has found a new route to cover their parts shortage? It's possible, so take this information and avoid being used by someone trying to jack up the price.

Say no to... price gougers.

I don't want to knock someone's hustle, but... there are literally open box units being sold for $1125.00. It's not even the 512GB model. I've even seen unopened options for $1500.00... which is nearly trip the price. Like... come on, keep your money in your pocket unless you come across a unit that makes sense and you're willing to buy from someone who isn't Valve or a reputable third-party reseller.

There are some people who kept things a bit more reasonable by selling units in a similar price range to the going price on the site. This technically defeats the purpose of reselling (unless they just don't want the device), but these are the only ones I'd entertain... if I ever went that route.

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