Warcraft Mobile... Scrapped: 3 Years Down The Drain After Financing Dispute


Warcraft Mobile could have delivered the WoW-like action some gamers have sought on the go, but... the desired terms didn't ultimately match up. I think it's weird though, because wouldn't you agree on such terms ahead of development?

How in the hell do you get 3 years deep into development with more than 100 developers covering objectives for the title before terms are finalized? Once it's set, it's set... is how I think it should be prior to moving forward (that's how I structured agreements between small devs & publishers). They may have put it on the backburner as far as finalizing the agreement, but if Activision Blizzard & NetEase are going to continue their relationship... they may have to take a step back and revise things.

I think a revision would be better than potentially axing such a money maker, but I understand how things can change if the money gets... funny. You already know who Blizzard is, but if you aren't familiar with NetEase... they're China's #2 game company. NetEase is also the co-creator of... Diablo Immortal.

I hope the relationship survives and changes are made for the better because game projects shouldn't go... poof this far in, and sadly this isn't the first time head-turning projects have been tossed.

For more info on this, check out the Bloomberg article, I just had to chime in and give my two cents.

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