FTS: Raw Fury Announces Slapstick Roguelite Platformer “Mr. Sun’s Hatbox”

Slapstick Platformer Mr. Sun’s Hatbox Announced at Gamescom

Set up a base, build your team, and go get Mr. Sun’s hat back!

STOCKHOLM – Aug. 26, 2022 – Hold onto your hats, everybody! Solo developer Kenny Sun is partnering up with publisher Raw Fury to bring you the stealth slapstick platformer Mr. Sun’s Hatbox. The brand-new trailer, revealed at IGN’s Awesome Indies, introduces both the story and gameplay of this riotous roguelite, which alternates between chaotic missions and calm base building, all with the critical objective of returning a stolen package to the utterly baffled Mr. Sun. Players can wishlist Mr. Sun’s Hatbox now on Steam.

About the Game

Mr. Sun’s Hatbox is a slapstick, roguelite platformer about getting the job done, no matter the cost. After your hat delivery goes horribly wrong, you’ll need to establish a sprawling base of operations in an attempt to recover the stolen package. Upgrade your HQ, your team, and your tools so you can take on increasingly dangerous (and ridiculous) missions in pursuit of not only the hat you’ve lost, but as many hats as you can handle.

Key Features

  • Base, Sweet Base: Expand your HQ to upgrade your gear, heal your heroes, and display your glorious hats.
  • Every Mission, A New Adventure: Procedurally generated platformer levels present a host of obstacles to overcome via cautious stealth or spirited ambush.
  • Assemble Your Staff: Build a quirky team with an array of unique traits that will help or hinder your critical efforts.
  • Collect the Whole Set: Capture dozens of hats to wear, weapons to upgrade, and enemies to brainwash.
  • Chaos Is Inevitable: No amount of preparation, stealth, or hats will guarantee your safe return to base. But they sure help!

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