FTC vs Big Tech: Should you be concerned?


The chair of the FTC, Lina Khan, is loading up to take steps in regulating the data privacy practices of big businesses. The FTC voted 3-2 to... seek feedback in terms of the harms stemming from commercial surveillance and whether new rules are necessary to protect people's privacy and info.

The regulations could lead to a revision of how companies collect and use our personal information online, which threatens a business model that big tech relies on (which is targeted advertising). Have you ever talked about a certain product and had that product pop up as an ad just a few minutes later?

We can't exactly call that a... coincidence, and with the world spinning more and more into a digital direction, the leash appears to be increasing to accommodate the growing size of big tech. 

The FTC might have a challenging fight ahead (according to Axios) when you consider the Supreme Court ruling that limited the EPA's authority over the power industry. Which... (hmmm) I don't know about you, but I think it sucks that certain companies (that do hella damage to the planet) get to turn around and charge top dollar to the masses who are ultimately affected by the lasting effects. 

Basically... the EPA would have to go through congress before actions can take place to protect the people.

So going back to the FTC, they will have some climbing to do because judges are getting more vicious about agencies having authority... regardless of what it's worth. The Supreme Court also overturned the CDC's eviction moratorium, which I won't jump into... but I'm just giving you an idea of what they can swat down.

Should you be concerned? Well, it all depends on who you're cheering for and what matters to you. The FTC is trying to poke the eyes and deafen the ears trying to get all up in your business to a degree, while Big Tech is trying to make money with targeted advertising (which also keeps certain products/platforms like Youtube free). Free isn't always a good thing because the cheap can come out expensive, which you can see with certain apps. I get suspicious when it comes to free software.

A happy medium goes a long way between the FTC and Big Tech, mainly if it's a win for the masses.

It's going to be a challenge to keep eyes and ears out of your home altogether (unless you treat it like a standup starring Dave Chappelle), but I personally wouldn't have products like Meta (Facebook) Portal just sitting in my home or studio soaking up every bit of audio/visual feedback as possible. If I were to get something of the sort, I would only power it up when in use (off would be unplugged too). The same goes for Alexa, Google, and any other products I have the ability to control like that. You're able to play your part in maintaining your privacy... if you really need products like these, you just have to be consistent in order for it to be worth it. We don't know what else they're listening to and watching. Is it just for advertisement purposes or to improve products? You be the judge... and game on!

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