Terraria gameplay + Take the "U" off of ZombiU and you've got... Zombi! + Grandia II is back!

I'm going to start this off with the announcement of... Zombi.

Ubisoft goes back in... re-releasing ZombiU for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. While this is cool... I seriously hope that Ubisoft takes the updates and also applies them to the Wii U version. I'm sure owners of that version would appreciate more options to survive... (no offense Mr. Cricket Bat), not to mention faster load times, and all that other good stuff.

By the way... there will obviously be no multiplayer similar to Wii U (because there will not be a second screen), but they could add in a tablet if they wanted to. Worth the development time? Ummmm... nahhhh.

It would be great to see a multiplayer component to this game, but perhaps something like that could come in the form of a multiplayer sandbox... that allows gamers to tinker around and challenge others to survive in their builds. Now that I think about it... would I be wrong when I say that this game should have Steam Workshop? Maybe, but... I can just imagine what some of you can do if they don't give it that well deserved... oomph.

It's cool though... if they can deliver this re-release at a fair price, thumbs up! I can appreciate single player games... as long as the story and quality are strong.

Terraria: To The Stars and Back

There are so many games to play... and I probably sound completely crazy when I say this, but Terraria has been at the office long before it was played. It's quite fun... if you're into building and exploring. Check out the gameplay below (There will be parts 1 - 4 uploaded as soon as possible).

Part 1
Part 2
 Part 3
Part 4

Grandia II HD is coming... to Steam!

Some of you might be shrugging your shoulders wondering what the hell is Grandia II, while some of you are smiling from ear to ear looking forward to the re-release... in HD! This game was released on Dreamcast originally, and I still have a mint condition copy of that version... along with the OST that came with it. I had the surround sound cranked up, and would set the commands up... before watching everything play out (sigh)... it was awesome. The story is good... and ended in a way that I appreciated.

This HD version is headed to Steam thanks to the responses of a recent survey. See... all companies have to do is listen some time and... I hope this release does very well. Thanks... GungHo Online Ent.!