Anita Sarkeesian... I have a question.

Hi Anita,

Based on your interests in gaming, your desire to make gaming more fair/more considerate of women... and less violent, I thought i'd present a very valid question to you. I don't know you, but based on a strong enough interest that you seem to have:

Have you ever thought about creating your own game studio? I ask this question because, if you disapprove of (not all but) many things in the gaming industry (when it comes to women and violence in games)... it would be cool to see what you could come up with... to provide more options. This is a serious question.

If you have many supporters, you can get your first game started through a KickStarter campaign, fund it yourself (if you have that type of money), or something... and go from there. More games, more options, and it would even allow you to bring newer game developers in... and give them a chance in the field (since some people lose out on jobs regardless of skills... because someone else had a friend on the... inside, among multiple other reasons).

Doing this would allow you to speak through your games. You can even help promote non-violent and fun games created by other indie studios to either increase support and/or funding for them.

Some companies make violent games, and I've played plenty... while others I've just never found an interest in. They can't exactly have their hand forced without having the hands of various entertainment genres forced to also comply (which also includes supporters who play those games, read those books, etc). Creating more options would be a great move... and it would be cool to see.


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Call it... a helpful Clarification for anyone who doesn't understand the question above.

Yesterday 7:00 AM

I'm not sure I am following the logic here -- if I think the publisher of Fifty Shades of Gray needs to be more selective in their content I should start my own publishing house?

RkRk: Yeah... you're not following the logic here.

No Man's Sky
You might not be familiar with how Nintendo-Demand rolls, but if something is disapproved of... like the example you presented and the publisher won't consider what you have to say as a supporter, they don't have to be supported (money talks). On that note though, you don't have to start your own publishing house (that's entirely up to you). At the same time, if that's something you want to do for book readers... and you have the sort of following, the time, financial support, to do it yourself or help someone else, why not?

The more support Nintendo-Demand has (financially), expect to see more options... that may be in the form of game development. We're an option.

The post is to Anita, with the purpose of asking a question because... it would be cool for her supporters and others that may enjoy the games that she may have in mind. That's not a bad thing... as far as we're concerned.

We think in an optimistic and adaptive way. If a company is doing something uncool... we don't back a game (or the studio if they push it to that point), and we are all for more game development. From there, someone with aspirations of developing games could develop more options for games... that we can enjoy. More options are a beautiful thing... just look at "No Man's Sky". 

If you want to understand the logic here, it's similar to the reason why we applaud the Comcept & Inti Creates move. Mighty No. 9... would've never come about if the developer just accepted the BS shoveled up by Capcom (and their excuses). A new path was forged, and now... we have... the highly anticipated Mighty No. 9.