Shantae and the Pirate's Curse... reviewed!

Fantastic platform adventure that makes me wish there was more of an adventure in Mighty Switch Force games.

If you’re not familiar with the Shantae series, just know that it is a 2D platformer placing you in the role of a charming genie by the name of… Shantae (of course), but this time around you’re a lot less ½ genie.

This game started off a bit too easy in the beginning (for me)… but be warned, if you aren’t prepared, you’ll be sent running back to the drawing board (which is to be expected as you progress, so consider that the “duh of the day”). The story in this game is almost as important as the gameplay… and the developer did a great job making the puzzle fit together. The buildup is great because you aren’t just going in equipped with a slew of abilities; you have to work your way up.

I say that to say… don’t go in expecting to access everything from the beginning, even if something is on an island that you’ve unlocked (and you see it clear as day). You may get caught up on how to access or get something because it’s there, but if it’s out of the reach of your current capabilities… it may be that way for a reason (so don’t question your skills). New abilities are like keys to unlock doors.

The replay value comes into play when you increase your abilities, and you will find progression in the story when this happens… a good chunk of the time. There are games out there where racing from start to finish is the key (and you have the ability to challenge a clock here too), but there will be various objectives required where you may visit an island more than once (just so you know), so you can either dash or appreciate the story. Scuttle Town is home… also doubling as your hub with plenty of nifty little progressive scenarios to enjoy while moving forward so that you aren’t just returning home to interact with NPC’s stuck on repeat.

I appreciate that about this game, it gives an RPG’ish feel beyond those of gaining new abilities. EXP isn’t really the thing that brings about new abilities in this game though unless you consider the gems as a form of EXP. Once enough gems are obtained, you can use them to buy skill enhancements… for certain things, while the others will come with game progression (as mentioned above). Replay value is also found in this game thanks to multiple endings... and an unlockable Pirate-Mode.

**You do have the ability to grind, and it’s easier in some areas than others… if that’s something you’d fancy.**

The artwork and the music in this game… are additional reasons I came back for more because they got my attention from the beginning and had me looking forward to what I’d see/hear next. Art wise… I can see the team creating a new Metal Slug game, or even a new 2D Sonic the Hedgehog title.

Fun fact: Character portraits were done by Mega Man developer Inti Creates!

If WayForward ever decided to make a 3D version of a Shantae adventure… keeping everything true to the feel of the Shantae series, I think it would be one of those welcomed titles that bring back an interest in 3D platformers (at least the quality ones, and since it would be 3rd party… it could be enjoyed on more than Nintendo platforms).

Overall, Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse… is a welcomed 2D adventure that gives me not only a welcomed break from multiplayer games, but it also gave me the opportunity to enjoy a cool adventure.

Fun factor: 5
Visually: 5
Replay value: 5
Price: 5

"5 out of 5 Cool Points!"