Nintendo... you REALLY need to stop! + What Ex-Nintendo Fans have to say + Masahiro Sakurai strikes + Yadda Yadda Fun!

Stop it Nintendo!

Oooohhhhh the suspense... oh the drama, what in the heck happened? Nintendo happened... to themselves. What happened RkRk? Well i'll tell you (self, and the rest of the readers wondering why i'm writing something to myself)... Nintendo (AGAIN) is labeling "Games for Kids".

(The Intergalactic Super Gamer insisted that it be in the next post... sooo here it is.) Nintendo already dealt with a blow landed by... assumptions that their console and handheld were hardware designed specifically for kids, and there were people stepping away from them because of that notion (and plenty of media personalities slapped that kiddie title on them too) so then they tried to appeal to hardcore but... it still didn't matter. Clearly the systems aren't just for kids, but there are enough people refusing to take the time to realize that, and Nintendo isn't helping that.

Nintendo does certain things that prevent them from being even more successful due the challenges they put in their own way (i'll talk about some in a sec), and that too contributed to a lack of 3rd party support.

Check out this "Games for Kids" category in the 3DS eShop:

- Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS
- Pokemon Omega Ruby
- Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
- Animal Crossing: New Leaf
- Mario Kart 7
- Yoshi's New Island
- LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin
- Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars
- Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal
- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Danger Of The Ooze
- Tomodachi Life
- Ultimate NES Remix
- OlliOlli
- Kirby: Triple Deluxe
- Disney Frozen: Olaf's Quest
- The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
- Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
- Inazuma Eleven
- Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure
- SteamWorld Dig
- Woah Dave!
- Cooking Mama 5: Bon Appetit!

I don't know who makes these category names... but to help Nintendo, they need to stop (like seriously stop) labeling games as "Games for Kids". Where does that leave teens and adults that play these games? Should teens and adults feel ashamed for playing these games and leave them alone because they're considered "Games for Kids"? I'm not saying this is something that should be done... but (my point is) don't label games in a way that further down plays your products while trying to appeal to other age groups.

Nintendo: If you want to get to that next step, you need to break out of this crap. If you want to create some games aimed strictly towards kids... make them, but don't do this to yourselves and scare off developers that want to appeal to older age groups because they fear that kids are the primary audience you have. Cool?


Ex-Nintendo Fans express themselves

Ever see developers that can really make a splash to impact Nintendo's 3rd party library and... it seems like Nintendo refuses to acknowledge them, even if the only thing stopping them is funding for a 3DS or Wii U release? (This was sparked by a recent review... and Q&A response, but not specifically for that game, mainly just the topic.) Big names don't always mean great games, and who knows what could come with the right support... we've seen what could be a great game shot down (just couldn't speak on it due to an NDA). It would've been perfect on the Wii U, and we've seen other games that fit the slot perfectly too... but the small developers couldn't cover what was needed to make it happen so on to other platforms they go (and where does this leave Wii U owners?).

There are... ex-fans that are happy for Nintendo and their cool 1st party lineups, but... they are ex-fans because they are tired of dealing with Nintendo. I had to dig further because... there had to be more to being "tired" of a platform/developer, and I really can't argue with some of the things said.

Nintendo played it safe for what benefits Nintendo... but they are still finding it hard to get the attention of 3rd party (on the Wii U at least) so they must absolutely avoid taking certain steps with the next system (no slew of existing games on current consoles to showcase a new system, don't give off the kiddie vibe, etc). I know they want to... but they have to do it if they want more 3rd party developers releasing titles on their system (make it easier for developers).
You don't have to dump money in 3rd party, but the simpler the process, the better... and if a game is worthy... you may want to make a move on it.

Ex-Fan 1: I want to play more games than they have, and there are more 3rd party games that I want to play that outnumber their 1st party games. On PC I can get them for cheap, and on other consoles I can get exclusives and good 3rd party not just a bunch of small indie games.

RkRk: There are some small... but good indie games out there, but I know where you're coming from.

No i'm not saying they're bad, but that's not the only stuff I want to play.

Ex-Fan 2: I don't give a **** about console wars or being a PC elitist I just wanna put that out there, I just don't have money falling out of my *** and I need to make sure that i'm getting the most bang for my buck. You know?

Nintendo waits too damn long, and then they wake the **** up when the fires on their ***, but its whatever. Did you see more of their current news ****? You work for them? **** they need to do some cool **** like hiring your *** or somebody like you guys that are younger than them and don't act like them. Miyamoto's a cool ************ but he doesn't run ****. If they had someone in there we could actually ******* relate too it would be more comfortable to invest in their **** because then good **** should come if they roll with it. A lot of 3rd party are thinking like a lot of gamers and just saying **** it, they aren't going to waste the money making making wii u **** even if its half ***ed 3rd party games. Its ******* wild because the 1st party games are sweet but I don't have money to get each game system, i'm catching the city bus to get my *** to work. You know? I mean ****.

So I don't care about supporting them over supporting myself because they could give a diaper full of rat **** about me you know? So they better shape their **** up because Playstation 4 is rocking the **** right now. You know? Really need to have the right stuff that entertains me in order to get any of the pennies I scrap together to make those types of buys possible. Sorry about the swearing, but **** they're like a mule you'd tried to pull off of a sinking ship so I left their *** there. You know? Sorry about the swearing.

I wouldn't say the guy swore like a sailor, because I don't know many sailors... but (whew) he really knew how to lay into those words in a way that were comical (I wasn't entirely sure if he was drunk or not). I can agree (minus the barrage of bad language) because... we've discussed these things, with love and respect for good indie games on Nintendo platforms. Serious indies... fly high this isn't a topic about downing you at all, (its just that) Nintendo really really (like seriously) needs to make sure that the next system is open enough to fully develop from PC without the need of anything acting as a bridge to make it happen (so that even more 3rd party developers have additional options). Increased Nintendo console owners mean increased potential customers for every game available on their platforms... and that's how one hand washes the other (as long as the variety of games are there and they're good from 1st & 3rd parties).


Speaking of 3rd party, NoconKid should be hired to help head a team to remake Shenmue.

By today's standards, the world wasn't that massive at all... so what's so challenging about Sega lighting a match to launch such a wonderful game again?

They could increase the personalities of the people, the things you can do, the realism and relationship with your love interest (Nozomi)... and all that good stuff.

Shenmue HD Is Being Made By A Fan, Because Sega
They could even bring in more classic games via DLC so that you have more to play in the arcade and at home.

Shemue could be stand-alone (with the entire 1 - 3 experience in one installment)... or it could run from 1 to whatever (with your progress in tact just like on the Sega Dreamcast). They make it a lot more complicated than it has to be... when all they have to do is first lay the cards on the table to figure out the best way to approach the development. Effort will be required... hire people that love the game and have the capability to shock the crap out of fans and people experiencing it for the first time. You can't be stubborn, and when you bring in people that actually care, and treat them like you actually care... the magic will be there.

Do something with Shenmue... or sell the IP, and i'm not talking about Ryo appearing in another Sonic racing game either! In other words... if you don't believe in the IP, sell it off to someone that does and don't look back (even) if it does amazingly well!

Shenmue HD Is Being Made By A Fan, Because SegaAnyone that's part of a game company... should have some interest in games so that there is passion to deliver great experiences. I wouldn't want someone making my food that has no interest in cooking, because I don't want to end up with a bland plate of WTF?, and like other things, gaming is among the things in that area that require passion. Business surpassed passion in a lot of studios (i'm not going to point them out)... at no fault of some of the development teams, so is there really any reason why it's a shock that some games come out incomplete... destined to be a beta once downloadable patches are no longer available for them?

Some people only know games that require patches (how sad)... and if you ever get a chance to go back in time, don't hesitate because its one of the reasons why there is a huge appreciation for the golden age of gaming (over this business age of gaming). Anyway... this fan project shouldn't be ignored in a positive way, and it shouldn't be impacted in a negative way... fans may want to see what comes of this.

Sleeping Dogs has a lot more to it than Shenmue... and just seeing this fan project takes me back. Summers in a high rise, couch full of friends (yes... we hung out in person), playing Dreamcast, Gamecube, PS2... (sigh... the memories) chomping on pizza and... it was just awesome. I can smell the chlorine from the pool as I type.


Do you work for game companies without even realizing it?

Masahiro Sakurai of  Nintendo
Sakurai criticizes unfinished games being sold in the industry... and even though he's very late to that party, forget what other developers are doing if they aren't doing it on a Nintendo (as a developer). I'd like to know his take on what Nintendo needs to do with the NX (never mind what's going on else where... unless its coming from his perspective as someone interested in playing the other games).

He has a point though, and a lot of people that game whether they'd want to admit it or not... have become play testers for games that require patches (oh yes... you have) if you've reported bugs or made any customer support contacts about anything that requires a fix. So you've purchased a fully priced game, to be a free game tester for someone else earning the money. Crazy right?

Our advice, put it on your resume... seriously.


We won't leave you with those topics only... because along with those things, so exist great games heading our way. Fun it up!

Looking forward to Xenoblade Chronicles X? You aren't alone, check out the... Xenoblade Chronicles X Video Showcase!

Didn't get enough? We didn't think so... (sooo) here is an hour plus of Xenoblade Chronicles X gameplay!

Nintendo didn't exactly take the route we'd prefer with a Splatoon event... but hey, it's happening. If you want to take part in the Splatoon Mess Fest... the details are below:

Splatoon Mess Fest
Friday, May 15th (11am - 7pm)
Santa Monica Pier Parking Deck

Oh yeah... and don't miss out on the Splatoon Direct! It would be launching out of that ink spot on your floor... on May 7th (2015)!

A game that we're all really excited about (though it could be me making the claim for everyone)... is Just Cause 3, and I look forward to swan diving into this game on PC as soon as possible (yes PC... paywall-me-not baby!). It will be on PS4 and Xbox One also... so don't miss out if you like big action in an open world setting.