Nintendo Splatoon Bundle Announcement... and why you may want to buy it!

Splatoon's Wii U bundle is in countdown mode (are you ready?)... tickety tock, ink drenched socks, I know a few people ready to play around the clock. If you're hopeful to be the best of the best little squid person... for possible tournaments, first put it out there that you want tournaments for this game so that there is a demand.

Would you like a Splatoon tournament?

Reply below and we will pass it on to Nintendo... because it's one of those games that deserves a tournament to really excite players and potential players. As mention before, this game is coming at a pretty good time... because the summer is right there ([pointing right at it]... do you see it) and this is the perfect game to jump in and out of between dives in the pool.

Bravo to BFG for letting the crazy hang out in this video!

The reason this is a great time to buy a Wii U... outside of the games already available and those on the horizon is because the best Wii U systems to buy are the bundled systems. Nothing complex about that reason... but you're saving money on games at the same time instead of making multiple separate purchases at once.

I wish the game would've been around $39.99 or $49.99... but it should be alright... and to be honest, there are shooters (that we've mentioned and warned about) that didn't give much more than some multiplayer action and charged a full price. If this game has a full single player campaign... as well as a hefty multiplayer side, then I can't argue with the price (but but but... it would sell a bit quicker at one of the mentioned prices). These Splatoon Amiibo figures may prove helpful if you get the upper hand on the competition... but don't expect Nintendo to give you overkill capabilities that make the game severely unbalanced.