Digital Grace: My Journey as a Filipina Gamer | Page 2

Hello, this is Grace again! This is page 2 of my experience as a Filipina gamer and how gaming has had a positive effect on me. If you missed page one, click here

Filipina gamers are often overlooked in the gaming industry, but this does not mean that their contributions go unnoticed. Through my own experience, I have learned about what it means to be a Filipina gamer and how playing games can positively affect my life.

How did gaming become my escape from reality?

When I was younger, playing games with friends and family had always been a part of my life. But as the years went on it became more important to find an escape from reality because life can get tough sometimes.

For me, gaming was always an escape from my reality. It gave me the opportunity for self-expression and creativity that wasn't possible in daily life with all its restrictions on what you can do or say because your family might not approve of how things will turn out. But instead, it forced players to take control of their own story where all the impossibles of the real world are possible in the digital world.

You can be whoever you want, do anything that tickles your fancy, and forget about the troubles in life for just one or more hours of playtime!

What video game changed my perspective in life?

When I was younger, my favorite video game to play would have been Super Mario Bros. I remember when Mario made his jump-out observation that life is all about staying ahead but if you don't keep moving forward then you lose out on the time provided to you.

This has turned true for me too because anytime there's a stagnation period (no pun intended) somewhere deep down inside me tells my brain to "stop”, think, and strategically proceed.

When you live life at a slower pace, the little moments that make up our everyday lives can take on new meaning. These simple pleasures bring joy and happiness to our hearts as well as productivity for work – which is why I recommend slowing down! Haste is wasteful, but a slow strategic approach leads to greater fulfillment because I was able to give my best effort.

Super Mario Bros is all about moving forward but there's no harm in stopping to discover new things along the way. You might even make new friends and grow in ways you didn't believe possible.

Final Thoughts

When I was younger, there were few Filipino gamers. But now with the rise in internet popularity and availability of video games like PUBG and Fortnite, it's not hard to find another gamer who shares your passions. It's a great way to connect and have a sense of belonging.

Video games have always been an important part of my life. They're something that helps me escape into another world, where anything is possible. The graphics are amazing and there's always new content being released which ensures you'll never run out of inspiration and fun times in between accomplishing goals.