Top Audiences Last Week + PC Shipment Slump + PlayStation Tournaments!

Blu wanted to provide gameplay for this week's list, but he's down for the count after two days of helping a friend prep and move. I'll eat gummies in his honor... because it was brutally hot outside (momma no!). Before we just into the list of the top audiences, let's talk about the PC market's shipments from Gartner's list. 

The PC market is going through some challenges right about now... with its sharpest decline in product shipments in about 9 years. While that may be true, it's nothing I believe anyone should (seriously) be... shocked about. When you have a pandemic + lockdowns + supply chain issues + resignations through the roof + sky-high gas prices + inflation + recession fears... I think it's safe to expect that to happen.

According to Gartner, Inc... HP had the biggest decline at -27.5%, Acer had a sizeable decline at -18.7%, and Lenovo was also down at -12.5% for their shipments. Apple was the only one up at 9.3%. I might be wrong, but... they gave manufacturing another chance in the US... which may have helped avoid one of the current issues. I believe this because Lenovo grew 2% partly because they improved their supply chain/access. Keep your eyes peeled for deals & discounts from these brands (Dell included).

The one listed here... isn't a joke, you can get a Lenovo Chromebook + headset for $89.

Now... it's Top 10-time baby, let's go!



United Kingdom

Netherlands (the Netherlands has been on it)

Hong Kong






So Close:
South Korea

In the spirit of competition... here's the FGC Arcade: Summer Community Series from Playstation! 
If we can game together, we should be able to coexist a little easier each and every day.