Ready for more NBA Arcade action? NBA Playgrounds is coming!

I'm hereeee with sports action for... Nintendo. It sounds so weird... right? Well... i'll say its just been a little while instead. :p

Did Allen Iverson get a tan?
Anyway, a studio by the name of Sabre Interactive... is developing a 2-on-2 NBA arcade game. NBA JAM comes to mind... which works for me. When you're talking a console like the Nintendo Switch, I think the game is a great fit for the system... and you can play the crap out of it offline with a friend out in the middle of Drablands if you know how to get there.

I don't always mention the developers, but you may find interest in some of the works this studio has under its belt. You may have heard of games like Quake Champions, Halo: Master Chief Collection and God Mode, right? Well... you will find Sabre Interactive in the credits. Experience in non-sports games (e-Sports is something they've played a hand in) doesn't always mean a studio can make a great officially licensed sports game. I'm just being honest, but... at the same time i'm super hopeful that they're able to deliver an NBA game with a nice flow, major fun factor and plenty of replay value.

The game will also be available on PS4, Windows PC and Xbox One... but considering the fact that the Nintendo-Switch could use more releases, this may be capture the interest of Switch owners more so. Totally assuming that, but why not take advantage of the options... if (and I do mean "If") a new option is good. You're in luck when it comes to this game (all platform owners are) because it will be released in May 2017 for $19.99... and I give them props on that. Other developers should take note, don't overprice games... get in where you fit in (and benefit), not where you think you can get away with placing your game's price point. 

NBA Playgrounds will include all 30 NBA teams (duh of the day)... in addition to an extensive roster that includes retired NBA players. They also mention that you'd be able to level players up over time, and... I don't know how I feel about that if it isn't some sort of career mode, but we'll see. This game will be a digital only title... and I may not have said this several years ago, but that's fine by me. You have solo, offline and online modes to show off skills with your favorite (or not so favorite) NBA players.

I'll leave you with words from Saber Interactive's CEO:
“Basketball is such a pick-up-and-play sport at heart – we really wanted to bring that spirit into gaming,” said Saber’s CEO, Matt Karch. “NBA Playgrounds has a lot of depth for pros who’ve mastered their game, but it’s accessible enough that anyone can jump in, have fun and feel competitive.“

That said... game on!

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