VR Talk

I can't lie. Zombie games are fun (at least some of them are)... but add in VR and it really awakes up the paranoid action. It also summons other symptoms of fear via a good survival horror experience, which shouldn't be amplified by someone outside the game... grabbing you (that would be soooo wrong). The experience brings certain gamers coming back for more, while others absolutely find it... too much to take. I'm on the fence (personally) because I enjoy them, I just don't like certain points when it just feels like something is about to happen. The tension starts to build up as I prepare to think as quickly as needed to make it out of the scenario alive (in the game that is).

It may sound weird, but I want to be in those scenarios I don't like... when it comes to survival horror games. I'm a strategic gamer, so the challenge increases when I have to think quick on my feet. I hope that if there is ever an Arizona Sunshine 2, may they dial up the depth even further. - Blu


Considering how many people enjoy this game and own a HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift + Touch, hopefully another one is in the works for a release some time down the road. - Luis D. Lucha

Resident Evil 7 woke up fans of the franchise after... (ummm) 6 sent some people into a tantrum. The experiences don't always have to be deep like this, but some games you expect to get depth from. Multiplayer doesn't always have those expectations, especially when its head to head... but some of my most enjoyable experiences combine both.

One game franchise I thoroughly enjoy when it comes to this combination is Left 4 Dead. I'm expecting Left 4 Dead 3 to be ready for Valve VR. - Blu

I think most VR games outside of arcade will need less physical action to maintain replay value. - RkRk

(Shout out to Engadget)

Yeah, I wouldn't want to move around all the time. - Luis D. Lucha

I'd prefer to enjoy the VR visuals... with a control in my hand too, which is the reason why a lot of the more physical Wii games were seldom played. Speaking of Nintendo... man, if they present a VR option down the line for the Switch, that should be launched with a new Metroid Prime or a full remake (i'll take a full remake). - Blu

Hell yeah! - Luis D. Lucha

Another game that deserves a full remake playable in VR is... Red Steel. It doesn't even need to be a Nintendo exclusive, and I like the look of the first a bit more than I do the second... so going back would be cool. It wouldn't have to go back completely, but capture that look via a full remake. The game feels like it would be right at home in VR anyway. - Blu

Does Ubisoft have any VR games? - Yang

Yep... but none like Red Steel could be. - Blu

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