Windows 10 Subpar edition?

This one is for the PC gamers and Windows PC users open to reading criticism about Microsoft, so take a seat fan boys and girls! - Yang

Some of you might read the title of this post and believe i'm going to lay in a nice chunk of negativity on the Windows 10 S. You'd be right(!), but... it's not all bad, so keep on reading.

I have a laptop running on Windows 10, but it's not a Surface Laptop... or at least a laptop that allows for digital pens to be used. That's one of the things I admire about the Surface... minus the screen size (I prefer a bigger screen). I say that to say that if it had a bigger screen I probably would've went with a Surface if the price was right... but if I were to get a new lappy this year... it probably wouldn't be running Windows 10 S. I'll explain what I mean by... probably.

If the price is right on a laptop running Windows 10 S with... the right specs and features that... interest me, I'd probably bite with the aim of getting the Windows 10 Pro. My reason to buy wouldn't include a lot of the crap Microsoft mentioned about the Windows 10 S... because that stuff exists in the Windows 10 OS running on my system now.

"Every Windows 10 PC includes built-in enterprise grade security with Windows Defender." - Microsoft

I'd advise not to buy under the assumption that Windows 10 S is somehow more secure. Buy knowing that it's going to be LIMITED to apps available in the Windows App Store and get the pro if you don't want what (kinda) feels like the... second coming of the Surface RT.

A plus of Windows 10 S succeeding is the increase in apps... which should increase the number of quality ones. Should as in... it better, and I see the most affordable ones assisting in that department (which may take on Chromebooks), but... try to avoid paying a lot if you plan on sticking with this version. That would be a waste in my opinion.

A really cheap option with some pretty good specs is probably the only thing that would get me to bite, and it wouldn't be a stretch to go Pro(... aka unlock the gate of what it should be in the first place). I really look down on the more expensive Windows 10 S devices though... because all laptops that pass a certain price point should be Pro. I'm talking $300 and up (maybe even $400 minimum... to be nice).

Unlike Chrome OS... Microsoft's OS didn't have those closed doors (aka Windows App Store only) that they're requiring additional money to bypass now. Hardware companies are the ones that hold the power... they just aren't wielding it on this front, to merely fight for what's right.
  • $189 Windows 10 S laptop that gets the job done for emails, surfing the web and other basic tasks... cool (add another $100 to $150 if I can use a digital pen).

  • $999 - $2199 for an official Windows 10 S Surface laptop that Microsoft doesn't even have the decency to upgrade to Pro (even at that price point)? Hell... to the capital N-O! I can get better for less... that allows me to use Chrome browser, Steam, Origin, uPlay, etc.

So don't take away from this that i'm hating on Microsoft. Take away from this... things to look out for, especially if you were under the impression that the Windows 10 S was the latest and greatest OS from Microsoft.

This post is especially important for the gamer's out there expecting to just pick up and go with an existing game library on something other than purchases from the Windows App Store (via Windows 10 S).

Now that you know (if you didn't know already)... game on!

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