Shenmue 3... will it succeed? IDK, but...

There are questions surrounding Shenmue 3 and will it be interesting or relevant enough to succeed, but... I think it will work out. There is enough variety out right now gaining enough appreciation in gaming to the point that... I feel Shenmue 3 will be just fine. Also, you can argue about the QTEs (aka Quick Time Events) if you'd like, but... think about it... it's not something that went away with Shenmue, there are more recent games like "Rise of the Tomb Raider" that have them.

Even if i'm a big fan of Shenmue, I can still take a realistic look at the franchise. I don't see the third installment being a game that will feel out dated, but it's not being served up to be outdated... it will merely bring what's known and appreciated in the franchise. Going back to the variety though, I do give credit to indie developers for maintaining the variety in gaming. Shenmue isn't just a left field gaming trying to grab the interest of gamer's with an abstract title either, it's a new installment to a sleeper hit that met unfair circumstances. So for what it's worth, I hope that the lack of restrictions allow it to fly... so much so that it makes Shenmue 1 & 2 worthy of remakes.

Some of you may think... WTF?!, but if we can have some sort of cool incorporation of Shenmue 1 & 2 that gets the audience up to speed... then i'd be cool with the game being released a bit later than the release date. I feel left out in the cold after finishing the 1st installment, so to play part 3... there would be a void if the gap isn't bridged. It would still be more satisfying (for me) to start over with 1 and working my way to part 3 with my stats intact, because I can't transfer my data from my Sega Dreamcast to PC... which is a major sigh. 

Anyway check out the developer reports below and... game on!

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