The King of Fighters XIV Steam Edition... and what i'd like to see!

As The King of Fighters XIV Steam Edition approaches... I thought i'd speak on a few additions i'd like to see in the future.

In this newest installment... one of the most obvious things I've seen are the animated cut-scenes between matches and prior to certain fights. It truly adds more to this newest installment of The King of Fighters franchise. (Don't get me wrong.) I appreciate KOF XIII for the beautifully animated 2D fighting action... but the dialogue between fighters prior to matches, really annoyed the heck out of me. It wasn't because there was dialogue, it was more so the fact that you had to click and read... and read... and read... which could've had voice files in there to help it.

If you like to read... that's great, I have books I like to kick back and read... but I have to be in the mood (and that's not something I really care to do while gaming). So I like what I see in KOF XIV.

When it comes to a future installment or even an update... or mode, I want this fighter to truly feel like every team is on their own journey in a new way... not just fighting their way to the same boss character. The developer has the range and the ability to deliver more to this franchise, so I hope to see more (for now, this is a nice touch).

What i'd do is create branching paths, like a tournament set up that challenges the player while at the same time punishing the player for losing. So if you lose... you don't continue and fight the same character again, you go to the bracket where you belong until you work your way to the point of being the King Of Fighters. There would be more work invested in the victory then, because it would matter more vs being able to merely continue where you left off. SDGT Concepts anyone?! :p

What i'd also like to see done away with in KOF's next installment... is the removal of the fade to white effect after winning (feels like it rushes me out of the match and takes away the satisfaction of seeing my opponent on the ground). Instead... I'd like to see the winner strike a pose and their teammates come out and join them; defeated teammates can limp out. There are other things i'd add that would really take it to the next level, but i'll leave it at that. The King of Fighters XIV Steam Edition... drops June 15, 2017 (yep... that's during E3)!