Brinks Commercial Restroom Door Hook... Reviewed!

Shout out to Brinks for providing this product for review, my opinions are my own.

Quality: The quality of this 1.85-inch aluminum bathroom door hook is noticeable right out of the package. The door hook is durable... leaving no worries about it bending like a lawn chair if you hang a suit, dress, robe, travel bag, etc. This is more so a commercial product so it's shaped in a way that allows you to easily place clothing with hangers on it.

Design: When it comes to the design, I like the compact squared design of this door hook. When looking at it head-on... it looks like a little square and can blend in with a design without simply looking like a hook. The satin stainless steel finish is nice and ready for your shop's dressing room, bathroom, or wall. This isn't advertised as a hook for the wall, but... as an artist, I would use two to four of these hooks and place them side by side or even running vertically for a functional design in a shop or in a modern posh closet. A vertical design can either showcase the various colors a particular outfit has or... it could represent your selected wears for the week. Do I have a passion for fashion? It's possible. 

So don't look at this product as if it's solely something for the restroom or for commercial purposes. Creativity goes a long way. In terms of using this in the home setting, you're good to go if your metal accents have a similar finish and you seek for it to be cohesive. If you don't plan to alter the finish to something you currently have or plan to have, just know that this product only has one color option.

Installation: The Brinks Commercial Restroom Door Hook took me less than 10 minutes to install. The longest part was screwing out and screwing in the front plate of the hook... which wasn't long at all, just don't screw it out too far to avoid it falling out:

Price: Price-wise, you can get the Brinks Commercial Restroom Door Hook for... $10 which falls in line with door hooks. Of course, door hooks vary in design, but if you like this particular design... grab it here.

Quality 5

Design 5

Installation 5

Price 5

5 out of 5 Cool Points