Office... Upgraded for a Small Space!


There are a number of people looking at their office space... scratching their heads on how to make it functional. It all depends on what your intentions are for that space. That said, let's dive in and figure out how to make your small space do what it do... baby, so that you can officially say "Office... Upgraded!".

Don't think you have to break the bank, It's not all about having the most expensive additions to your space. Aim at making it as user-friendly as possible so that you're productive and nothing is in the way. First and foremost, clear out the clutter so that you can actually see what room you're working with.

In a small space, you really need to get creative with the office, and they're usually narrow. In the case of narrower office spaces, I recommend either getting a desk that fits almost as flush as possible in that space wall-to-wall or installing a wall desk. 

If it has an area where you can install it on a side wall with this type of space, you're saving space if haven't been using this effectively.

If you don't have this type of wall, definitely take the desk to the back of the space so that you have room to move around without wasting space. Here's a 62" desk that could fit into a space like the one you see above. You can keep the legs on because they run more toward the end or you can use them as a holder so that you can mark and install wall mounts with an even placement. This particular table is foldable with no installation needed so you can place it immediately to get to work or start your mount.

By the way, here's a 48" wall desk, which is foldable but a full mount is best.

Two of these wall brackets can support up to 1100LBS (grab 2 sets of good mounts).

As seen in this image, if you have a window, in the back of the desk, you can run a shelf to the side. There are some desks/shelf combinations as well, just make sure... you have the room to work.

There are desks with drawers that you can utilize, but... I don't recommend those desks if you have the space to add shelving above the desk or off to the side because the leg room is a plus. Keep that space nice and clear because a lack of legroom can get tiresome afterwhile and if you work-from-home... why have the unnecessary distraction?

Utilizing the shelves well will definitely help you, especially if you have a ton of mail and paper in general. If you have tons of paper that don't require shredding, get the storage solutions that work for you for important documents, but also have a bin for your printer paper, shredding, recycling in general, and trash. Also don't forget a shredder that fits into the storage area (a bin-less one works well). If you keep the papers moving out on a consistent basis, they won't... pile up. Add a dust vac to the mix and keep your office fresh.

This organizer is 16.5"L x 12.6"W x 9.8"H to give you an idea of the fit.

There will be plenty of shelf space left, and you will have a fresh desk/workspace to get your grind on. By the way, I can't forget about a printer/scanner option to go on the shelf. If you put it near the end of the shelf you can hide the cord a bit better, and you can run the cord down and tame it from there.

If you have a shelf that's close enough with enough open space above to keep a PC cool, then place your tower on the shelf. If it's a longer wall-to-wall desk, place it on the desk to the side.

If you have openings on the desk with the caps for plug management, it remains clean and you get immediate access to your ports without the need to get under your desk. If you're constantly swapping parts in your tower, this definitely is the best route for you.

This specific desktop pc is great for a shelf or near the end of the desk. The ports are right in the corner, not up top where the ports can potentially wiggle and cause connection issues. You should be able to get two monitors or a nice-sized monitor on the desk with ease.

Cable management will also be a benefit for this space to keep your legroom free and clear. Using some velcro ties... gets the job done well. 

Additional USB ports for charging devices can be mounted under the desk... and a surge protector can go on the wall either mounted under the desk near the main outlet or (preferably near the wall that's within a comfy reach). Protect your legroom.

In terms of chairs, if it's tight, consider getting an office chair that doesn't roll but... it spins. That will decrease the chances of your chair tearing up your walls and the desk. If you have a longer desktop space, definitely go with a traditional one so you can slide as needed.

The average person will stop here unless they add speakers, but... those generally get a spot on the sides of the monitor and don't require much space (unless you go surround sound).

*Before I move on... don't forget to show your walls some love. Perhaps pics, art, an Echo Show 15?

Stay tuned, because I'm going to follow this post up based on various needs that may be sought for this type of space.

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