Batman: Arkham Trilogy... swoops in Fall 2023 on the Nintendo Switch... but

I don't want to sound underwhelmed, but (yeah) if you haven't been there and done that... the Arkham Trilogy is available now on the Nintendo Switch. I guess it doesn't hurt to have this option for those who are just experiencing this game now, but I'm shrugging... even if there are games I would like to see a rerelease for (granted I want a full-on remake for certain games).

Batman: Arkham Trilogy includes all of the DLC from Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City, and... Batman: Arkham Knight, which isn't bad. What would've really made my cape sway is a new game, which could've come in the form of a 2D/3D side scroller... or even a new 4-player arcade beat em' up with a Batman Forever: The Arcade Game feel (when it comes to how crazy fun it was). That would've been right at home on the Nintendo Switch and would've been a great pick-up and brawl experience.

So... while it's not horrible that they're releasing this on the Nintendo Switch, it wouldn't hurt to take a chance in terms of releasing something new. The user base is there, but let's say WB is looking at potentially releasing a new game on the Switch, one thing that can't be done... is them using potentially so-so sales of Batman: Arkham Trilogy to determine the final decisions on that. Again, a number of gamers have been there and done that, even though some are now old enough to play the game as of... yesterday. Anyway, the Batman: Arkham Trilogy swoops in Fall 2023.

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