Rockstar Games co-founder announces new media company!


Dan Houser Announces Absurd Ventures

Dan Houser, the co-founder of Rockstar Games, and former creative director/lead writer of GTA, Red Dead Redemption, and many other games announced a new company. It's not considered a game studio, it's being described as a media company.

What they're going to be doing at Absurd Ventures is creating new IPs on all platforms and formats. Meaning, they're going to be producing live-action experiences, animation, books, graphic novels, scripted podcasts, video games, and other interactive content.

"We are building Absurd Ventures to create new universes and to tell great stories, wherever and however we can," said Dan Houser.

Dan has an impressive catalog under his belt, and I believe this company would make it even better. I think this will also keep the doors of the company open because they're diversifying their offerings.

There are no announcements beyond the mention of the company, but stay tuned.

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