Level Up Father's Day 2023

Father's Day is nearly upon us, and for a number of dads it can be summed up with a shrug because it's not deemed as big of a deal as Mother's Day. This isn't to compare, because moms rock, but... dads don't pop up on the radar, despite being awesome. 

Most moms are appreciated + loved + praised + you get the idea, meanwhile, dear old dad feels like an optional task to be celebrated. This includes very active stepfathers who have changed the lives of children who aren't biologically their own.

Even the O.G. ICE T feels the chill around this time of year, and it's... summertime! What?! 

So this Father's Day, let us help you... show your dad some love + appreciation + praise + you get the idea. Here's our Father's Day gift guide for 2023... by a Dad for Dads!

Of course, a dad won't turn down a tie or a pair of socks. Usually, he isn't going to pout, because a lot of dads don't want that type of look and... many try to go in with no expectations. So... this year, consider going an unconventional route that turns his head for a few reasons.

Not only can you surprise your dad with an item, and I'm not saying go around flashing price tags... but if the deal is unbelievable the dad who's big on deals might be impressed because of the resourcefulness. Tech is a given, but the question would be what type of tech would he appreciate and actually utilize.

If he's big on TV, but he's also a gamer... definitely consider a Samsung option featuring the Gaming Hub + an Xbox game controller to use with TV. This is a bigger purchase, but... there are deals that you can land for great prices with nice lengthy warranties thrown in (i.e. 5-year coverage).

If I were to recommend tools, they would be the uncommon ones that you're able to attach to others (like a drill guide) for the sake of getting more than one use out of it. I'm not going into specifics about certain tools though, because I don't know who has what... so look around for yourself with deals in mind.

If you don't know a lick about tools, and you don't have anyone to pinpoint what your dad could want, leave this one alone. If this is something you really want to gift to your dad, either listen for hints while asking him what some of the best tools are or... get a gift card.

By the way, there are various tools for home repairs, automotive, PC repair, and even left-field ones like the golf ball retriever.

Food is definitely a given, but forget a sandwich on the couch next to a Father's Day card. Take him out! As many of you know, the sandwich might be a nice gesture, but if you can enjoy some fun times over a good meal that he likes... that's a memory he'll likely never forget. Aim at usefulness, food, and fun that doesn't consist of... socks, mugs, hats, talking bass... and things like that. If he's already been there and done that, give him a different experience. If you absolutely have to get him a tie, add a suit to the mix... or at least the shirt + tie + watch or shoes.

I can't forget about fun experiences to round this one out. Whether he gets out a lot or not so much, an experience can be just what he needs and... here is a list of them to consider:

Comedy Shows - This is a great way to get Dad out to enjoy some of his favorite comedians.
Movie Tickets or a Movie Theater Membership - Monthly tickets included + Discounted snacks
Mini Golf, Golfing, or a nice Driving Range experience
BowlingRacing, or whatever you decide... as long as he knows it's from the heart, he'll appreciate it. I don't want to minimize certain gifts, but if you can bring it this year... consider it.

If he's not big on using phones, but he has a table sitting beside his favorite chair... consider an Echo Show for video chat and much more. He might assume you're trying to keep tabs on him, but... there's nothing wrong with keeping in touch, plus having access to the weather, a calendar, access to smart home devices, music, shows, news, etc. 

This will most likely get plenty of use from the sheer point of curiosity... alone. You can ask him about it over time and find out what he's been doing with it, drop tips, and all that good stuff if he's not big on tech. 

It may seem weird to some of us, but there are literally adults under 50 who aren't tech-savvy at all... so this should prove useful without the need to fidget with their phone or laptop.

That said, I'll leave it here. Fun it up this Father's Day and get tons of pics. You never know the time you have left to make memories and capture priceless moments with Dad... so your mission starts now!