1More iBFree Sport Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones (New Model)... Reviewed!

What better way to kick off the weekend than a product review?! When this product arrived, I looked forward to checking out the actual packaging too... because of the impressive boxes of the other 1More headphones at a slightly higher price tag. I didn't expect it to be as sweet as the packaging of the... 1More Quad Driver in-ear headphones and the Spearhead VR Gaming headphones, but I was curious regardless. That said... enjoy the unboxing:

Although the packaging isn't as memorable as the other packages, it's durable... which kept the headphones safe during shipping. The shipping box was a bit jacked up, so durable packaging is reassuring.

This is 1More's new model of the iBFree Sport Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones. One thing I've noticed when it comes to 1More in my short time of reviewing their headphones... is that they don't shy away from revising their products, I appreciate that... the package also includes 1 flat charging cable, 3 sports grips, and 3 ear tips.

The ear tips and sports grips are appreciated. They don't come in as many sizes as the Quad Driver headphones... but, I appreciate the fact that there is more than one size. I had to switch up the ear tips that were initially on the headphones (so I guess that makes it four ear tips) and put the small ear tips on. They fit okay, they rest partially in my ear... but I have yet to have them fall out, even turning over and also stretching after a massage. I'm pretty sure the sports grips have something to do with that.

The ear tips have yet to cause discomfort, and I've actually found myself wearing them hours on end and forgetting that they were in my ears because there isn't pressure from the ear tips being forced to fit in my ears (I don't even feel the sport grips). I enjoy my other Bluetooth headphones but considering the fact that these don't go around the backside of the ear at all... I prefer these. The other headphones aren't even heavy, they're Bluetooth and on-ear, which are great... but if I can wear a pair that I don't feel... I prefer no feeling. Noise isolation cuts out about 50% of the noise for me, but the better the fit... the greater isolation is (i.e. when I push the ear tips all the way into my ears w/ limited movement the sound isolation is up to about 75% or more). The reason I don't mind it not being higher than what i'd consider is about 50% sound isolation... is because if I'm outside, I still need to be able to hear other things for safe keeping.

These headphones are light, look clean and have a very functional design. The charging port has a rubber cover preventing any moisture from getting in, and with all the rain that's a plus. Speaking of rain, these enhanced sports edition headphones have increased water protection that I can actually vouch for. It seems like every time I get prepared to go outside its raining these days (for like the past week and a half)... which sucks, but for the sake of the review it worked out. These headphones are fine even though I've gotten drenched a few times, so... if you like to work up a sweat or... you get caught in the rain like me, you should be good to go with these headphones.

If you're curious about the water resistance on a scale... these headphones are an international standard IPX6.

IPX0... isn't water resistant at all. IPX1 - IPX2 can take some water droplets. IPX3 can actually take some spray, so if you want to spray and clean your headphones you can (although I'd recommend an alcohol wipe). IPX4 can take a splash of liquid. IPX5 can take on a big water gun. IPX6 can also take on a big water gun with more oomph + mud. IPX7 can take on about 3 feet of water, and IPX8 can take on 3+ feet of water. So I hope this gives you an idea of the water resistance.

The buttons are tough too... so if you are working out and you need a pair that doesn't have hair-trigger buttons, you're covered.

The buttons are tough, but... responsive. You have the basics seen here... the power button, volume up, volume down, and the multifuction for play/stop/answer and all that good stuff. They do what they're supposed to do. There is nothing really wow here, but it's nice and functional without being in the way... and that's fine by me, its part of an overall clean design.

The headphones have a durable aluminum alloy body and the angles align with the curve of the ear... which allow for a really nice fit. So even if they aren't deep within my ears... the sound is full (definitely a lot fuller than my on-ear headphones).

I've played mobile + pc games, listened to music, watched movies, and made phone calls... with a thumbs up thus far. The headphones have a Bluetooth chip with hi-res transmission technology, which is said to provide a meticulous listening experience without the sound quality being affected by it being wireless. That sounds cool, but my actual first-hand experience confirms that its true. You're working with Bluetooth 4.2 with AAC in the new model vs 4.1 aptX found in the old model.

Oh... and by the way (before I forget), these headphones connect to my phone quick. Some Bluetooth headphones do that crap where they take a while to connect, or they connect partially where its just phone audio (w/out media audio). So I noticed the quick connection of these headphones immediately... I like that a lot, I don't want to sit around and tinker in my Bluetooth settings to get sound also connected to the headphones. I just want to turn it on and... go, which I've been able to go for about half a day before charging these headphones (which takes about two hours). Standby is listed at about 90 days... which is pretty cool, but I haven't had enough time to review them to that extent in order to confirm it.

Last but not least, distance is about 35ft... so if you're on a basketball court, you should be good with a half-court game or a smaller full court with your phone at about half court. I was able to go a few rooms away without losing connection with my phone, but... when I stepped outside it disconnected.

Price wise at $59.99 I think they're on point, and with the quality... they're competitive. I'd go as far as to say better than some at the $89.99 price point (I'm not saying any names). As far as cons go, the only con I could come up with... are the buttons (a partial con). If I could change one thing, it would be the volume + skip buttons being the same, because some phones/apps don't let you skip at all.

Overall, these are some comfortable... durable Bluetooth headphones that deliver good sound at a price point that doesn't make a dent in the piggy bank.

Design 4.5
Quality 5
Comfort 5
Price 5

4.9 out of 5 Cool Points

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