Win Your Own SomaSole Bundle + Unboxing!

Finesse Fitness is a portable fitness bundle (currently on KickStarter), allowing you to basically take workout hardware on the go (Finesse Fitness is from the makers of SomaSole). Now... some of you may be thinking of how cool this would be for gym-rats, but I'm thinking of a different audience (who you usually won't find in the gym). While it would allow the gym-rat to keep the party going, I think it would also work well for those in eSports that have to practice and travel from battle to battle. I can't forget about the businessmen & women who have to hotel hop, personal trainers who go and do one on one sessions, and specifically... those that have completed their therapy or still in therapy but they must continue exercising beyond the facility.

You can benefit whether or not covered in the categories I've mentioned above, but those people stood out to me the most. eSports competitors have to log some serious hours to stay on their A-Game, but you have to keep your real life health bar up if you want to actually enjoy the spoils of victory. If you have to travel a lot, or you're running on wanderlust... you can work out in the hotel room or outside. The stationary equipment is all well and good, and I'm not saying this replaces those if you love them so... but you don't have to abandon your sessions if you can't make it to the gym.

For your chance to win, send an email with the subject header Did I Win to

The giveaway window runs from June 10th - June 13th (2018) so that there is still room to make their KickStarter window (whether you win the SomaSole bundle or not). If you win, supporting the KickStarter could be a great way to get the Finesse Fitness bundle (which has the additional equipment) so that you and a friend or loved one can workout together... in person or video chat.

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