Warp into some 2D shoot-em-up action with... Zangeki Warp!

Warp into some 2D shoot-em-up action! I've been playing around with this game since launch, and... once you get the hang of warping... you should find the challenge interesting enough.


Master the hyperdimensional warp capabilities of Earth's most powerful craft neutralize the biomechanical threat to the galactic civilization!

This 2D shooter is now available at the Steam Store for Windows and Linux PCs priced at $5.99! If you're interested in some affordable action that delivers a similar feel to Gradius & R-Type, check it out.

In ZANGEKI WARP, you pilot the hyperdimensional fighter craft 'ZanFighter' and use its advanced warp functions to defeat an army of space beasts controlled by an evil scientist!

ZANGEKI WARP's warp capabilities bring a new twist to the style of GradiusR-Type, and X-Multiply, and are the key to overcoming thrilling stages filled with traps and obstacles that would be impossible in regular shooting games. Use the warp functions to stop time, instantly warp through enemy fire and obstacles, and even to destroy enemies.
★ Unique Hyperdimensional Warp mechanics!
★ Warp Slash, Dimensional Shockwave, Decoy, Omega Crash and more! 
★ ASTRO PORT's signature giant bosses!
★ 4 difficulty levels from Easy to Insane! 
★ 53(!) achievements to conquer! 
★ Online leaderboards to dominate! 
★ Steam trading cards to collect!

Check out ZANGEKI WARP here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/564040/
When you initially start this game, you may notice that you rack up quite a few achievements. That... is okay for achievement hunters that just want them, but for those that want to obtain them after accomplishing something awesome... maybe not so much. I haven't obtained them all, but I've racked up 16 of 53 thus far. Anyway, game on!

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