The Walking Dead: A New Frontier... going retail, Feb 28th!

Ummm... this is okay, and I hate to be that guy... but I have to be. (Hear me out!) We have the retail version of the newest installment of a franchise that I have become highly fond of headed our way, and its great to be able to jump in... but not completely in the way its going to be delivered here. Its a physical disc, but you will still have to download the episodes beyond the two-part premiere (that's included)... as you wait for the rest to come along (like the upcoming Episode 3: Above the Law... dropping next month).

The reason why I say its okay... is because they are presenting it as a season pass disc. So you can go get a physical disc that acts as a key. There are plenty of gamers that enjoy physical copies of games (myself included)... but if I were able to choose between a season pass disc and a retail copy that I had to wait for after all the episodes are released... to include them all, then i'd take all so I can just flow from beginning to end with no downloading required. I'd be willing to pre-order that, so while this is okay... maybe they can consider a complete disc the next go round.

Look forward to this physical retail option... Feb. 28th in the US & March 3rd in EU!

Check out the trailer for the retail release (two cheers for Clementine)!

I still want to enjoy the world of The Walking Dead in VR... and I think TellTale can deliver that in a special way if they really wanted to. I have a few ideas up my sleeve, but they'd have to approach me.
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