Battlerite fans... a new Champion has entered the arena! + A $10K eSports tournament announced!

New Champion & an event announcement? Yep... the developer is going in for the audience!


Wednesday (Feb. 15th, 2017)... Stunlock Studios releases a new champion into the arena. What's his name? Raigon "The Exiled Prince"... a flexible melee swordsman skilled in martial arts. He came to be exiled from his kingdom due to the manipulations of another champion, Pestilus. So the character has a target in this game adding to the depth beyond the arena. I don't see many players really caring about that... because the focus is using the right strategies in the arena to get the victory. That said... a little backstory for the characters doesn't hurt, or they would simply just be characters added in with no sort of origin. The cool thing though is that there are gamers out here who appreciate a characters backstory and connects a bit more with them because of it.

Enjoy this champion announcement trailer along with the tournament info:

Stunlock Studios partners up with major organizations Beyond The Summit and Twitch for “Enter The Arena”, the biggest Battlerite Tournament held so far. The event has a total prize pool of $10,000 and will be running simultaneously in Europe and North America.
“Enter The Arena is the perfect event for kicking off the competitive scene and showing off the game's potential in Esports. We’re hoping to not only offer an entertaining broadcast, but to also introduce the game’s intricacies to fresh audiences, newer players as well as esports fans." says Alexander Hermansson, Head of Esports at Stunlock Studios.

Onslaught eSports recently announced the signing of a currently top-ranked Battlerite squad who will compete in “Enter The Arena” under the Onslaught banner. The team members Connor "Averse" Shacklady, Alvin "Ninjas" Xu and Dominic "Arakune" Valentino are all on the global top-10 ranking, with Averse set as the best individual Battlerite player in the world. Here is an overview of all the invited teams:

  • TelroskMi (Teldo, Verosk, Mini)
  • MyCon - Prepare to Die (LittleMaster, GodOf, K3B4B1)
  • ​Intolerant (Joltz, Iska, Nyy)
  • Project Horizon (HotBiscuit, Blankzz, Wuzac)
  • Onslaught Esports (Averse, Arakune, Ninjas)
  • Identity Crisis (InTheFlesh, Vorime, Emperor)
  • Scylla (Maelstrom, Jeter, rarepeep)
  • Excel Wizards (Neewha, Skywind, Finlev)
The event will be broadcasted live in on Twitch and kicking off with qualifiers held 19th of February followed up with the grand tournament 25th & 26th of February.

Find out more info here:
Enter The Arena

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