Consider me excited about... Redeemer!

A gun, sledgehammer, pair of sneakers... and one pissed off monk? Hmmm

Many games come out year after year... some awesome, some seemingly awesome... others an atomic face palm. Based on what I've seen of Redeemer, I don't see it ending up in that face palm box. It's not safe to assume, but I want to... assume that this game is as sick as it looks (fingers crossed).

_____Check out the Redeemer announcement trailer_____

I give props to them off the top for the spin they took with the top-down action. It's not just top-down, the camera zooms in on the action so that you aren't just seeing it from a distance... and for the amount of work that gets put into the detail of some games, I appreciate that.
I'm ready to jump in... and slay.

You take on the role of Vasily, an ex-operative of a huge arms corporation... who decided to get the hell out of dodge when they decided to turn you into a cyborg, which leads you up to where the trailer begins. You escaped to a monastery, which seemed to have put you in the clear... until the corporation was able to lock in on your scent after 20 years.

The adventure sounds promising and I hope the story driven single player is well rounded... and leaves room for a solid sequel. It doesn't have to have one if they round it out well, but... some games leave gamer's feeling a bit incomplete.

I can't put that on this game (at all)... because I haven't played the game, but i'm saying that if there is a chance for a game (any game) to feel incomplete based on the way it was written... developers should make sure to bring a form of closure (even if its temporary) in a way that can/should be followed up with a sequel. If the depth of this story is heavy and there is plenty to go on, who knows where it could go.

Redeemer will be available... Spring 2017 for PC (via Steam & GOG). If you enjoy games like the top down "Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris" and/or "Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light"... this could be the title for you. That said... game on!

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