Hey Blu: Do you think the Survival Genre is over-saturated?

I took a step back to think about this... because I don't want to just dismiss future survival games.

I don't think it's over-saturated, but... developers have to take a different approach with their survival game if they want to stand out. Innovation is key in any genre, and when it comes to some survival games... your goal is survival, not so much the progression. 

If a developer releases a survival game... and fans of the genre already have another title, they'd have to acknowledge that some gamers are going to log a crapload of hours into the other. If there is nothing that stands out... developers run the risk of being overlooked, especially if they can continue to get their fix from the other title without losing sleep. This isn't just survival games, but... if I were to do a "Dear Developers" post for this... it would revolve around the importance of substance.

Money isn't spilling out of the pockets of every single gamer... so having a game that delivers more than others with a feature worth replaying, they could tip the odds in their favor. If I'm buying a survival game... I need to know that I'm going somewhere. I would say more but... I'll leave it at that as far as ideas go. Another thing... all survival games aren't the same. 

You have those like STN: Survive the Nights where you have to get crafty, hunt, and protect yourself against zombies. Even games like Resident Evil 2 require you to survive against zombies, but... it's completely different than STN. Niche - a genetics survival game... is also a survival game, except it's different from those two. The list goes on... and with the same objective... survival.

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