YVY Naturals... Reviewed!

Recently I got the chance to review YVY Naturals... All-Purpose cleaner,
but first... here's the unboxing + setup.

Covid-19 is still running amuck... so I didn't think twice about jumping at a new cleaning product to try, especially with it being natural. How natural is it? Let's jump in and find out.

The products in the YVY Naturals All-Purpose spray consist of:

Citric Terpenes - This replaces the cleaning solvents made from chlorine or petroleum and tackles things like grease, tar, etc.

Apparently citric terpenes like limonene (found in the skin of certain plants and fruit)... can be used for food, and cleaning. It has low toxicity, and researchers even consider citric terpenes like limonene could be used as a dietary supplement to prevent cancer. Not for nothing, but there are many medical professionals who come across solid findings but they go no further than the journals they were written in (and sometimes it's not even legible for anyone else to utilize).

Natural Surfactants - This is utilized to boost the cleaning power of the product.

Essential Oils - These oils are collected from plants and are listed as antiseptic and antibacterial ingredients.

Before I go any further, the antiseptic and antibacterial ingredients are some of the most important to me... or else it's just some spray that smells good. I did some digging and according to the US National Library of Medicine's government site, I found out that essential oils can be used as such: https://bit.ly/38CRMqH

Natural Colorants - The color of the products are created with fruit, veggie, spice, and herb extracts.

Deionized Water - This is water with zero ions, which acts as a thinner and solvent according to YVY for the purpose of maximizing the cleaning power of the product.

I wanted to check this out as well... because I was curious about the benefits of deionized water, and according to a commercial cleaning company, it's actually a growing trend as far as green cleaning. Apparently when it's deionized... it's draws in other minerals and elements like dirt and contaminants because its hungry to acquire other components. Interesting.

Fragrance - The All-Purpose Cleaner has a citrus fragrance from... citrus (duh of the day).

This is the All-Purpose Cleaner, so you're able to use it in various places like those listed on the site... windows, furniture, walls, objects, electronics, floor, odor, and fungi. It's also able to be used on game controllers, keyboards, mice, gaming headphones, VR headsets, cellphones, PC chairs, and more. So you aren't just stuck to using it in a certain area... it's all-purpose.

My personal experience with the product is that it smells good, and it works on the items I've used it on. I've used it in the studio, I've used it in my kitchen and it didn't seem like anything was... lacking... but it does smell better than the standard cleaning spray.

The bottle is solid... but in my experience, it doesn't spray as well as it could. You have a flip cap that gives you the option of a stream when the cap is up, and when the cap is down it has a screen that allows it to spray wider than the stream... but it doesn't do a good spread like the standard spray bottles. Perhaps they can change the tip moving forward. That doesn't take away from the spray itself, but the better the spread... the less I have to use.

Price-wise... the All-Purpose Kit is $23.99 with a subscription. The subscription reoccurs every 30 days, 45 days, or 60 days. It includes 1 refillable bottle (free with subscription), and 6 pods. You can get the same kit for a one-time purchase of $27.99.

To make it make sense on a per bottle basis... each pod would represent $3.99 per bottle (with a subscription) or $4.66 per bottle (via the one-time purchase).

When you break it down to the per bottle price... it's not bad in my opinion, although the bottles could be 32 ounces. I use a lot of cleaners so... that would be great. Overall, do the math and compare a product like this to the one you're currently using and see how the price fits. If you're constantly running out to buy cleaner and it exceeds $4 per bottle... this may be something to consider, especially with babies and pets roaming around.

Check out my overall score below and I hope this review proves informative for you. Stay well, and game on!

Ingredients 5

Usefulness 5

Personal Experience 4

Price 4

4.5 out of 5 Cool Points