Is Microsoft kinda sorta getting back into the phone game?

Microsoft... Microsoft, my love/hate relationship with you... continues. For the most part... all I've ever used when I wasn't tinkering around with an alternate OS... was the Windows OS. 

From 93 to XP to 7 to 10, I've been there doing multiple this' plus that's and even had my fingers crossed for the Windows Phone (yes I owned a couple of those). I'll admit that it came in handy for what it did offer, but... for the little cellphone that somewhat could... it still fell short and there wasn't an incentive to stay as apps were available on other mobile devices.

I got the same feeling from the Xbox One... outside of it having that really really (and I'm talking) really bad start. The Xbox Series X will have to have exclusives to make me consider it even in the slightest degree, but I'll come back to that later.

I bring up my love/hate relationship with Microsoft because they have some eye-catching products like the Microsoft Surface DUO (planned for Holiday 2020)... which is a dual-screen tablet-like phone'sh device running on a customized version of  Android (seen here):

Looks great! I wouldn't mind giving it a go... but I'm still skeptical about these products because past ones ended up in this situation where they feel like a prototype before the next step. How long would this thing be supported before Microsoft begins dangling the latest greatest tech that should've existed in this product (because that tech exists... today)?

No matter how intrigued I am of a new Microsoft phone running Android, I don't think I'm going back... because they wouldn't focus on the Windows Phone 7 or 8 and making those products great. They should've become a no-brainer for Windows users... as far as their next phone is concerned, but I can't blame anyone who stayed away... or jumped ship early because they desired apps that weren't... crap or a more capable phone. Not all we're crap, but if you've owned a Windows Phone... you know what I'm talking about. The support was at a minimum, but if it were to be at a minimum, the biggest supporter should've been... Microsoft.

Looking at the Xbox One, there was no reason for me to get one... because I could get most of the games on PC. I left the Windows Phone alone after awhile because I could get Microsoft apps on Android and no longer saw the value in owning one... especially based on how underpowered they were, there wasn't much under the hood and I wanted more options when it came to gaming.

I'm still curious about this phone though... even if Microsoft doesn't want to call it a phone. It's running Android, as long as Microsoft doesn't get in the way of what we know and love about Android... and instead enhances the experience that would be exclusive to the device... that could be a win.

Last time I checked, these are the specs for the Microsoft Surface Duo:

Dual 5.6-Inch displays (each has 1800 X 1350 resolution)
Android 10
11MP Camera
Snapdragon 855
6GB RAM (not sure if there will be any additional options here)
Surface Pen capable
3460mAh Battery
Fingerprint scanner
Storage 64GB/256GB

Quality will matter, as well as price points. We're talking Microsoft, they have the ability to make some kickass tech... we've seen them open that can on the competition more than a few times (even in the present)... and I honestly hope they represent this time around with DUO.

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