Marvel's Venom: The Horror movie?

A Venom movie that's geared towards... horror? I truly believe that would be well received. The standard superhero film approach wouldn't work.

Even a typical big bad villain approach wouldn't be as enjoyable... for me if it's typical. The factors surrounding Venom need to be there on full tilt to scare the unedible chocolate out of someone... In a well rounded movie (that makes sense for this character). - Blu

Bring it on. - Luis D. Lucha

If they can do it justice. - Yang

True. Should it have Spiderman though? - Luis D. Lucha

IDK... hmm maybe... maybe not, but who would be the hero then? - Blu

It doesn't need a hero. - Yang

The movie would be flat without a hero. - Luis D. Lucha

Never seen a movie without a happy ending? - Yang

No, I love happy endings too much. - Luis D. Lucha

Hey... that's... never mind. - RkRk

Spiderman... would make sense but it would have to be done in a way that sells the story as an actual horror film. - Blu

We aren't writing it so guess we'll find out. (Now won't we?) Hehehahahahaaaa- RkRk

Should it be an origin story or will Venom be presented based on the recent comic issues? - Luis D. Lucha

If they plan on creating a franchise, then they should probably give us the origin. Then again... they can stitch it into the installments if that helps avoid a dry introduction. - Blu

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