Nostalgia: Wish you were there... but you can be now!

Wish you were there. Yes... so you have Online Gaming now, but back then we had to link up and have LAN parties which still exist (some places).

It may seem like a total snooze-fest until you acknowledge that you're in the same place with some of your... favorite people.

I was there and... so were some of you. Grubbing, gaming and all that good stuff. So... I can really appreciate the Nintendo Switch for delivering such a nostalgic... option. Granted you can do that with handhelds (and PC's ofcourse)... but I'm talking consoles.

This also gives you an option of not paying a monthly fee if you don't want to for this console.

This is in that spring break, Summer time and even Holiday time category when getting together is more likely to happen. Welcome good food and Skills! - Blu

Game on!