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Hit the basketball court and shoot some digital hoops for free! - RkRk

The description is really really cheesy to me and I don't want to sound like a hater but, BallUp? Some of the character don't even look like they're dressed to play in this game. - Luis D. Lucha

Hmmm... they probably got the moves from BallUp players. - Blu


The weather may still be wintery, but the latest game from Risewear, BallUp, and Joycity will bring the street pickup game right to your couch!

After a much anticipation,"3on3 Freestyle," a  brand-new basketball game, is finally available exclusively for Playstation®4.  3on3 is a refreshing riff on the classic basketball game thanks to its street influences. The game features playground settings, a hip-hop soundtrack, and an urban vibe to the gameplay.

3on3 has a hot new style of gameplay on a half-court that players can explore through two exciting modes: online player versus player mode, and one-on-one duel. For online play, up to three players from one console can challenge others around the world.

The game offers 15 different characters to choose from, each with their own abilities, backstory, and physical attributes. Partners Risewear and BallUp decked these characters out in their own design of colorful, branded jersey and shoes, adding to the urban feel of the game's world.

The game marks a partnernship for Joycity, a classic Korean game developer, with BallUp, the top street basketball tournament in the United States, and Risewear, an athleisure line known for its basketball fans and nineties retro revival. This cool collaboration gives the game its authentic vibe, beautiful animation, and original gameplay.

And the best part of all is, you can get this game for free!  Download 3on3 from the PlayStation®Store, and get in on the latest b-ball gameplay action!

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