Sairento VR 0.2... is here!

Sairento VR's 0.2 is available now for all the VR fans out there, introducing a slew of changes like procedural levels, revamped AI, dismemberment, and increased difficulty. Swords can be held in a backhand group also, so you have... new ways to creatively wield your blade.

For those unfamiliar with this title... its described by some as the Matrix Meet Kill Bill, but i'll leave that up to you to determine.

Check out the trailer and the updates listed below:

0.2.0 (2017-05-20)

- Added new enemy - Geisha.

- Revamped all difficulties to be more unforgiving.

- Added new currency drops: Beacons and Fabricators

- Fabricators are a required component for crafting relics

- Beacons can be used to increase a mission's difficulty in exchange for better rewards

- Melee killing blows now hack apart the enemy's body

- Max player level is now 100.

- The introduction of 30 Legendary relic properties.

- The skill system has been removed, with legendary relics being the means of empowerment and build customization.

- The introduction of Operations system. An operation consists of 3 randomly generated mission. You earn a bounty for completing all of them. Operations can be re-rolled by spending Ducats.
- You can now hold melee weapons in a backhand pose, based on the angle you grabbed it.

- Added visual feedback when you hover your hand over a stored weapon

- Updated sound effects for weapons

- Added full body avatar for player

- Removed shift cost while in dojo/after completing a level.

- Ammo drops are now universal and will refill all weapons

- Guns now have their own individual ammo pools

- Guns no longer fire while pointing at a UI in the dojo

- Increased base spread for all shotguns.

- Updated ammo interface for guns

- Updated tutorial

- Improved jump logic to handle low curbs and ceilings better

- Improved jump feedback to show bouncing off walls

- Falling off a level will reset you back to the last good position instead of the spawn point.

- Fixed weapon rig orientation locking up when looking directly downwards

- Fixed relic selection screen not showing currently equipped relic

- Fixed Fade teleport locomotion