Tiny Trax: The VR game that should also have an AR version + Info From the Source!

Playstation VR racers... start your (little) engines at E3!

Check out the trailer below... and then I will speak on why I think this game should have an AR version.

I know the environments in this game help you get immersed, but imagine this game having tracks laid out in your living room, dorm room or office. That would be sick... in the totally awesome way, because not only will it give you the slot car action in a game... it would take it to the next level of being closest to its real life setting. Anyway... on to news from the source! 

Studio behind Velocity 2X announces new online multiplayer VR slot racer billed as
'Micro Machines meets Scalextric' * Epic racing in a tiny world!
Award-winning Brighton-based studio FuturLab has announced Tiny Trax, a stunning new slot racing game for PlayStation VR.

Set for release this summer, Tiny Trax sees childhood imaginations come to life as tiny cars boost around your body, jump overhead and drift around bends on a virtual slot racing track just inches from your face.

Importantly, a player’s viewpoint of the game mimics that of a child surrounded by a giant toy racing track inside each virtual world, which creates an extremely comfortable and satisfying experience.

Boasting online multiplayer functionality for up to four players, Tiny Trax features 12 tracks across three environments – Tropical, Fire & Ice and Outer Space – with six vehicles to choose from.

The music has been composed by leading video game composer Joris de Man, whose previous work includes Horizon: Zero Dawn, Killzone and FuturLabs’ own Velocity 2X.

Tiny Trax will be available for hands-on demo at Sony’s pre-E3 press event next month (Monday June 12th), on the show floor during E3 and with a roll-out in Europe and North America expected this summer.

The game is the brainchild of game designer Dave Gabriel, who came up with the concept when he was a game tester at FuturLab. Backed by FuturLab’s management team, Gabriel took on the challenge of designing Tiny Trax from the ground up – covering everything from the controls, to the levels, to deciding trophies. He has since been promoted to game designer.

“We’re delighted to announce Tiny Trax – it’s a game that will appeal to players of all ages, allowing them to dive straight in and recreate the thrill of slot racing in immersive virtual environments,” said FuturLab MD James Marsden. “In addition, it’s a great testament to the team here at FuturLab – particularly Dave Gabriel – that Tiny Trax will be demonstrated alongside titles from industry heavyweights at Sony’s E3 booth.”