EA x E3 2017: Our Thoughts

EA starting out with a different touch... a band (or at least part of one). This is a very nice fit for the new Madden game. I promise if you look back on some of the posts made here, suggestions are coming in handy... because Madden 18 appears to be delivering more depth to be worthy of a purchase. Remember the post awhile back (i'm talking a long time ago) about how its easy to skip over years of Madden, because there wasn't much newness to experience from one year to the next? Yeah that post, I think it may have included Fifa too. - Blu

EA better not do that legacy garbage with Fifa on the Switch. - Luis D. Lucha

It all depends... if it were just a Fifa game with no years attached to it and you pay a small fee for patches that update the roster, that would be worth it for some fans. This would be under the circumstances of EA not planning to do much on the Nintendo Switch. - Blu

The guy Jesse looked nervous like he didn't know what to say. The way they kept looking at the screen as if they were trying to convince viewers they were holding a conversation, looked weird. - Luis D. Lucha

I don't buy these games from year to year, but for them to deliver a story... for you to follow, actually takes you on a journey from year to year. So for the people that invest yearly, I think its a plus... but it's also a way to rope new fans into an annual buy. - Blu

It even got my attention, but I don't play Madden. - Yang

Now that's saying something. - Luis D. Lucha

Need for Speed Payback got some inspiration from... the Fast and the Furious. - RkRk

I suggested that Blu remove a game concept for driving games. Developers shouldn't get free ideas to make millions. Hell no. - Luis D. Lucha

I was in the zone, but... yeah protect your concepts. - Blu

A Way Out... is my kind of game. It reminds me of Army of... Two! - RkRk

Yeah, Army of Two: Prison Edition. - Luis D. Lucha

It looks fun, but you can't play by yourself. - Yang

Options are good, just find someone to play. - Luis D. Lucha

Yeah but if you don't have someone to play with, you can't just play with yourself if there is no CPU option. - Yang

Ha, you fell right into that one. - Luis D. Lucha

You're sick. - Yang

lol There has to be a CPU. - RkRk

Anthem could be a very solid experience if the journey is extensive and it doesn't feel repetitive. I think this is following in the footsteps of Destiny. - Luis D. Lucha

It could be, but I don't know... its a 4 player experience and may have a set adventure structure. Do you feel that it would need to be like Destiny in order to be a success? - Blu

Not really. I wonder if it was made as a response to the game. The developers would probably admit it, but not EA. - Luis D. Lucha

One thing it has going for it is the beauty, but it doesn't need to have set paths. The replay value would be lower than if it were an open world and you took on the missions the way you wanted. - Yang

That's not always true. - Luis D. Lucha

How many games with the same route do you go back and play? - Yang

I'm just saying. - Luis D. Lucha

How many? - Yang

Stay in yo lane! lol Point taken, but I go back and play through the good ones a few times. - Luis D. Lucha

How many times have you played Just Cause games? - Yang

I see where you're going. I didn't think about Just Cause. - Luis D. Lucha

Just Cause 2 and 3 are some of the most replay heavy games i've... ever played. There are rivals, but... I don't know, Just Cause games I find myself just drawn to playing for hours on end. I have JC1 but I haven't played it yet. - Blu

You have many games and haven't played them yet, get back to us when you do. - Luis D. Lucha

Dilemma. - RkRk

Lets get back on topic. Anthem is a good looking game with a name that runs a risk of being lost in the soy sauce. Yang

I thought so too. You have to search "Anthem game"... kind of like you have to do with Vanquish. - Blu

What did you think of Star Wars Battlefront II? I think it was one of the better games presented. - Yang

It just feels like a game that's taking turns with Battlefront. - Luis D. Lucha

It did feel like they were coming out... pretty steady, but this is good. More time to get the bugs worked out (I can wait for frustration-free-fun). - RkRk

Yeah... I couldn't do Battlefield year after year, it divides the community. Remember what happened with Battlefield 3? It felt like the stability was met when 4 was dropped, which was buggy... and then came Hardline. I didn't recommend Hardline to anyone because... it could've been a really good DLC for 4 while they focused on a solid installment. It was paranoia and there were plenty of gamers who appreciated it. I wasn't buying it and didn't feel right to recommend it, especially if the same situation would occur. - Blu

I almost broke an Xbox over BF4, but BF1 is good. So if they do it like that and give each game at least 2  or 3 years it will work good. Do you think Battlefront 2 will be as successful as one? - Luis D. Lucha

That's hard to call. - Yang

I think it will. Battlefront 2 has the single player (which i'm very interested in)... and the multiplayer pluses. They just have to remember that they can't pull punches and slack. Pleased fans... are excited fans... who are also supporting fans that will likely buy day one if its that near and dear.

So how did EA do this E3 2017? I think it was cool, not a wow but... it wasn't bad at all. - Blu

I'll go with what you said. It was a little more than... safe with A Way Out and Anthem. Cool is better than Okay (right?). - RkRk

I think it was okay. Safe game and a few new ones. - Luis D. Lucha

It was good, but the two Rk mentioned are the two I would want to play if I only had two options. - Yang

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