FTS: Pinball FX Releases Five Brand-New Tables + Updates + Pinball FX Showcase


Universal Pinball: TV Classics, Pacific Rim Pinball and Super League Football headline the spring line-up

Here are the latest Pinball FX tables

  • Universal Pinball: TV ClassicsClassic television shows from the small screen to the tips of your flipper fingers. Zen Studios has teamed up with Universal Products & Experiences to release three instant classics - Knight Rider PinballXena: Warrior Princess Pinball, and Battlestar Galactica Pinball - to Pinball FX today for $14.99.
  • Pacific Rim Pinball: Go big or go extinct. Prime your senses for a neural handshake and step into the cockpit of a Jaeger. It is on you to cancel the apocalypse! Pacific Rim Pinball is available today for $5.49.
  • Super League Football: Zen Studios F.C. is ready for victory! Guide your team of players sporting developer likenesses. Reach the Golden Goal Wizard Mode and shoot for stellar scores. Download the table for free until May 23 (June 15 on Steam and the Epic Games Store), and it’s yours to keep forever! The table will be available for $2.99 after the free period.

(Zen Studios) Building on player feedback, today's update introduces several quality-of-life improvements to elevate the platform to new heights:

  • Notification System: Keep in touch with events on the Home screen. If a friend beats your score, if a tournament you played finished, if you have a trophy to claim, you’ll be in the loop.
  • XP System: Earn XP for gameplay activities to advance your level and earn titles! If you already have rewards from table progression on a table, you’ll still be awarded XP after a play session.
  • Freshen up your space with new optional Pinhall & Music!
  • Even more UI changes. We have moved some stuff around for easier accessibility, more clarity, and a better feel.
  • New look and branding make store pages and online presence fresh and current.

Pinball FX's biggest update is available today on PlayStation 5|4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. - Zen Studios

I enjoyed the Pinball FX action from the new table, but... I give two thumbs up to Super League Football. Not only because it's free for a limited time, but it's really fun and gives you a challenge that gives you soccer vibes.

While I appreciate the growing number of pinball tables, I love the fact that they're listening to player feedback. Not every single thing will be cohesive, but the things that would make a positive impact on the overall experience... definitely keep them coming. Speaking of Nintendo, Xbox, and Playstation... I'm going to reach out to the team over at Zen Studios, because... why on earth don't those platforms have their own tables specific to a certain first part franchise or even a line up? Missed partnership opportunity in my opinion, and they can do the same for PC based on... Unreal Tournament.

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