HexGaming Phantom Controller... Reviewed!

Thank you for checking out this review of the Hexgaming Phantom Controller for PS5 and PC. Before I jump in, I want to give a shout out to Hexgaming for supplying us with a controller for the sake of reviewing it... for you. My opinions are my own.

Before I get into the specifics... let's unbox this thing! 

Before I was able to do anything, I had to figure out which thumbsticks I was going to use first, so I went with the standard... concave regular thumbsticks just to see what the experience was like when compared to similar thumbsticks of alternate controllers. My focus is the quality and what makes this controller worth the money for... Playstation DualSense Controller users looking for an upgrade, PC Gamers in the market for a new game controller, eSports players, and break dancing puppies with at least a 2.5 GPA (who love Parappa the Rapper). So with the thumbsticks connected... let's play!

If you haven't picked up a Playstation controller in awhile, then you... (like me) will have to figure out how to sync the controller to your PC if it's your target platform. You may think it's as simple as turning on the controller, but you will have to press the power button + the share button (the 'Select' button on the left) to enter into pairing mode. It won't require much to sync it from that point, just go to Start (in Windows OS) > Bluetooth and other devices settings > (when the pop up box appears... click) Add Bluetooth or other device > (click on) DualSense Wireless Controller. I'm listing this, because it's not on the website from what I see (I would present such an option to better help people connect to their devices without the need to go elsewhere). By the way, the same steps will also help you connect to the PS5(... duh of the day), phones, and tablets.

If you didn't hear everything in the video, I complimented the grip of the controller. You get a nice thorough feel. It's not a gummy grip, its a nice quality textured grip for the handles + you get a nice grip from the thumb sticks that's available on both the rounded and concave options. You can feel the quality. If you aren't familiar with the weight of a controller like this (based on the extra tech on deck), you will notice it, but... it's nothing that decreased my game time (tolerance wise). I've easily sank in 6 hours of game time with this controller, but I also bounced between the standard Xbox & Luna controllers. It wasn't fair to compare, and I won't as far as details go, but... it's a night and day difference as far as features go (for the most part).

It still took some getting adjusted too, but... the long thumbstick (at least for the right analog stick) is something I never realized I would benefit from until given the option. I suspected that it would allow me to improve my aim and so forth (at least with some games), but my assumption was correct... for FPS games. I will plug video as soon as possible.

Can I get by with the standard controller... absolutely, but this controller has options that you will only find in an eSports ready controller (especially if you need such a thing).

You get 8 swappable thumbsticks... which help you refine your feel based on your needs (some domed, wide, rounded, standard, long) and all options have nice grip. So based on your needs, you're good to go.

The 4 extra buttons on back (as mentioned in the video), allow you to add certain moves that you wouldn't normally utilize with that type of placement. You don't need them, but they're good to have if you want to use the for taking cover or whatever the case may be... and you're not limited to one layout. Double tap the button you see below and the options change based on the game you're playing and how you set it up. There are other options where the back buttons run across... but reaching past another button to hit one that's further away isn't as easy as the set up you see in this Hex Phantom controller. Your middle finger is in easy reach of these buttons.

There is one thing that also crossed my mind when it comes to the placement of these buttons, what if someone has a physical challenge preventing them from using other buttons (i.e. L1, R1)? This could increase the abilities some gamers have in terms of enjoying themselves and even taking on the competition in esports because all they have to do is assign the buttons to the back. These do not fully replace an adaptive trigger... so don't get it twisted when it comes to that, but it could make playing more games possible.

By the way, you're able to turn L2 & R2 into digital triggers with the flip of a switch... along with adjusting the trigger pull. This is serious customization, it's not just an a or b switch... you're able to tweak to adapt. I still have to fully setup the controller in a way that suits me. You have to test and test and test... and it's awesome that the controller is able to do such.

Speaking of which... eSports players will love the stick drift fix. You literally just go in and adjust your thumbsticks on the website. You will simply go to the testing page and correct it... in real time (or test to see if it's centered). This allows for accuracy, and less frustration when taking on the competition. Also, money doesn't grow on trees... this manual adjustment is a great way to keep cash in your pocket after such an investment. Speaking of investments, if you're spending money on a pro controller like the Hex Phantom... either get the kickstarter bundle with the case or get a case from the HexGaming store. They also have the USB cables and more thumbsticks.

Weight wise it is heavier than the standard DualSense by 17g. The standard is 278g, and the Phantom is 295g... which is something to take into account. There is a big but though, because the PS5 DualSense Edge is 325g in weight. On that note, let's jump into some more comparisons.

Standard PS5 DualSense
  • Adaptive Triggers
  • Weight 278g

    Price $69.99

PS5 DualSense Edge
  • 2 Remappable Back Buttons
  • 4 Switchable Controller Profiles
  • Trigger Stop Mechanism
  • Adaptive Triggers
  • Replaceable Analog Stick Modules
  • 6 Interchangable Thumsticks
  • Weight 325g

    Price $199.99

  • 4 Remappable Back Buttons
  • 6 Switchable Controller Profiles
  • Trigger Stop Mechanism
  • Digital Triggers
  • Adapter Triggers
  • Built-in DRIFIX Modules
  • 8 Interchangeable Thumbsticks
  • Premium Performance Grips
  • Weight 295g

    Price $189 (100 set) or $199 Kickstarter
    Price $209 Kickstarter + Carrying Case + USB-C Cable

Quality 5

Comfort 5

Customizations 5

Price 5

5 out of 5 Cool Points

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