Get an Xbox Series X|S + Services... starting at $26.99/month!

Well hello there, folks! Sophi here, your friendly neighborhood aspiring writer and part time controller wielder. I've got the low-down on Xbox's All Access program that's got gamers buzzing like my Lola after too much kape!

Microsoft wants to ensure that the money is coming in as they pump those new games out, so Xbox consoles are being presented on a nifty monthly payment plan. Talk about leveling up accessibility, am I right?

But wait, there's more! With All Access, you're not just getting a shiny new console. Oh no, it's a full gaming feast! Xbox Game Pass, remote play on phone/tablets, EA Play, and Xbox Live Gold for online play. Love it, just don't ask me why we still have to pay for Xbox Live and Game Pass separately.

Now, let's talk pera. For the budget ballers, the Xbox Series S will run you $26.99 per month over 24 months with that sweet, sweet 0% APR. Not too shabby for 1440p gaming, a 512GB SSD, and a 4 teraflop processor that'll give you a smooth gaming experience compared to an outdated rig. This brings the total to $647.76.

But for those who want the best Xbox currently has to offer, the Xbox Series X is where it's at! $36.99 monthly and you're living that 4K dream with 12 teraflops of power, 1TB of storage, and all the visual candy your eyes can handle. Just don't forget some kickin' speakers to really immerse yourself in Dolby's glorious sound. This brings the total to $887.76.

I have to put this in here... if you don't have a 4K TV and don't plan to get one for quite sometime, consider what this bump up will truly mean... when it comes to the visual quality. You will still get sharper and detailed images, better color and contrast if your TV supports HDR + and a higher bitrate, but... don't expect true 4K on your TV. Blu 

Here's a catch to this deal - the warranty length is kind of bogus. One year for the console and 90 days for the controller. After that, you're stuck paying whether your Xbox is working or not. Come on Microsoft, could you at least give us an extended warranty option for the second year?

Speaking of paying, let's be real - this is still a loan we're taking on here. 0% APR is a total win, just make sure to pay on time, every time! If you feel as if you can just barely make the payments, leave this deal alone and save. If there were any interest at all for Xbox All Access, that would make this a hard pass from me. Debt for gaming just ain't worth it unless you can pay consistently which helps with credit building. By the way, you're saving money when you consider the individual costs.

At the end of the day, Xbox All Access opens some awesome doors for gamers on a budget. Just be smart about it and don't get burned by the bill!

Xbox All Access plans are available below (click for more at your favorite store):

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