Summer Game Fest Recap + Games That Caught My Eye!


Here are games that caught my attention during the Summer Game Fest:

  • Lego Horizon Adventures: Looks pretty fun and adventurous. I thought it was some sort of add on for Lego... Fortnite, but a full blown Lego Horizon game? That works for me. The visuals look great and the adventure looks like something I'd like to embark on with my daughter!
  • Screenbound: A game about being distracted but totally in control, which looks really cool.
  • Karma: The Dark World: A first-person cinematic psychological thriller set in a dystopian world where the Leviathan Corporation is omnipresent. I wouldn't want to play this with surround sound or 3D headphones... but I'd have too. (Gulp.)
  • Black Myth Wukong: Is one of those games that I'd love to play. Not exactly a new announcement though, but they're trying to keep it in the front of our minds as the newness steadily comes out.
  • Dragon Ball Sparking! Zero: Takes you back around the bend... and I don't think fans would have a problem with it as long as the experience is better than before. Anyone remember DBZ Sparking! Neo on the PS2?
  • Delta Force Hawk Ops and its DLC Delta Force Black Hawk Down: Looks promising. The co-op gameplay looks like an experience I'd love to partake in. They should make it where you have to rely on your team so that no one can simply run and gun and make fluff of the missions. Left4Dead is a prime example of being punished when you ditch your crew.
  • Fatal Fury City of the Wolves: Another interesting game, and while I would say that they should have went 2D... SNK's 2D fighters were a tad... stiff (just a tad) so... I really don't miss the 2D aspect as much (outside of the cross ups with Capcom).
  • Mecha Break: A fun game that doesn't appear to be stiff and slow paced the way some mech related games are (at least the mechs that we saw in the preview).
  • Unknown 9 Awakening: A game worth keeping an eye on. This preview simply serves as another reminder that the game is coming, but it's nothing new as far as announcements go.
  • Enotria The Last Song: A visually appealing game with potential.
  • The First Descendant: Gives off vibes reminiscent of Vanquish meets Death Stranding. As seen in the announcements, this 3rd person co-op action RPG shooter heads our way... July 2, 2024. Let's see if Nexon goes hard in the paint. I still remember playing Combat Arms back in the day and... hackers ruining the experience so much so that Nexon made ads about them. It certainly wasn't going to make them back down, but... it made purchases for the free-to-play game worthless because matches were DOA with hackers dominating. That was well over a decade ago, so... I hope that they are no where to be found in... The First Descendant. 
  • Outersloth Games Announcement: A publisher opening the door to fund indie games? Don't sleep on such an opportunity, especially if you've taken courses and you and friends want to take your tinkering to a serious level that can earn you a living. If they like what you have... you could be looking at your project being funded. Just make sure you do the research and make sure everything checks out to your liking, and in emails make sure that you list the necessary fine print that protects your ideas. The same applies to Blue House games, so get in while the gettings good!
  • Sonic X Shadow Generations: Seems like a game suitable for all players. It's basically a dive back into the world of Sonic Generations but this is a new stand campaign where Black Doom reemerges. Like the previous title, you will be going through the greatest hits of 3D + 2D states from the past with updated visuals and "reworked" cinematics.
    PC Version
  • Battle Suit Aces: Impressive animation with a simplified RTS style.
  • Dune Awakening: Appears interesting with potential but requires effective promotion.
  • Monster Hunter Wilds: A game that looks great.
  • Phantom Blade 0: A title that merits a spot on the wishlist.
  • Batman Arkham Shadow: for Meta Quest 3 looks like it could be a grand adventure for VR fans, and it's a reminder that VR is making some nice moves as far as gaming goes.

These games are some of the games that caught my eye. Capcom tricked me. I thought we were going to be getting a new Capcom vs SNK game, but... more characters are being added to the SF6 roster. That's fine but... you know what I really want.

Other games include... CuffbustNo More Room in Hell 2, Once Human (which has been in development for a minute), Metaphor: ReFantazio, Slitterhead, Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Ritas Rewind, Wanderstop, Tears of Metal, and Warhammer Space Marine 2. There were some others, but in addition to many more seen below, but you get the idea. Which games caught your eye? Whether they're new announcements or a new trailer to a title that you're well aware of... game on! Oh, by the way, stay tuned for the upcoming review of a new HexGaming eSports Controller

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Outta Sight | June 15, 2024