New Metroidvania Game Revealed - MIO: Memories in Orbit Coming in 2025

The latest Nintendo Direct showcased an interesting new game from Focus Entertainment and Douze Dixiemes titled "MIO: Memories in Orbit," a metroidvania adventure planned for release sometime in 2025 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Explore a Mesmerizing and Dangerous World as MIO

In this game, you'll take control of MIO, a nimble robot with extraordinary abilities. You'll wake up aboard the Vessel, a massive spaceship drifting aimlessly in space. This technological ark, once serving an unknown purpose, now lies in ruins, overgrown with lush vegetation and rogue machines.

Unlock New Powers and Uncover Secrets

As you guide MIO through the vast expanse of the Vessel, you'll unlock new powers and abilities that allow you to explore new areas, face off against a fearsome bestiary, and uncover the ship's long-lost secrets. Delve into the heart of this technological labyrinth to revive its lost memories.

Stunning Visuals and Intense Gameplay

The first trailer for MIO: Memories in Orbit, unveiled exclusively at the Nintendo Direct, reveals varied gameplay with intense moments, in a magical environment with hand drawn elements. More information about the game and its gameplay will be announced in the coming months.

Creative Collaboration and Metroidvania Excellence

"Focus teams are delighted to work again with our internal studio Douze Dixiemes," said John Bert, Managing Director of Focus Entertainment Publishing. "Their creative talents demonstrate the same inventiveness and artistic flair that enchanted us in Shady Part of Me, which will shine through again in this unique and atmospheric metroidvania."

The Douze Dixiemes team expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, "As a partner studio of Focus Entertainment, we're thrilled about this new project. As a publisher, they support our ideas and help us iterate on the metroidvania formula. After years in development, we're proud of what MIO: Memories in Orbit brings to the genre."

Anticipation and Excitement for the Adventure

While the visuals, gameplay flow, and combat look impressive, the depth of the story and adventure remains to be experienced. For those who missed it, check out the full Nintendo Direct below and stay tuned for more updates on this promising metroidvania game. Game on!


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